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 Terrestrial ferns;rhizomescreeping, to 10 mm in diameter;frondsspaced, base of stipes sparsely scaly, scales brown, lanceolate; stipes to ca. 70 cm long below first large pinnae, distal part of stipes to 9 mm in diameter at base, bearing ca. 10 pairs of greatly reduced pinnae 2.5–4 cm apart, these 1–10 mm long; proximal large pinnae narrowed at their bases; blades subcoriaceous, excluding reduced, glanduliform proximal pinnae, to ca. 60 cm long, gradually reduced distally to a pinnatifid apex; rachises tan to stramineous, glabrous; large developed pinnae to ca. 30 lateral pairs, to ca. 12 × 1.7 cm, at their bases each with a swollen, conical aerophore to ca. 0.5 mm long, pinnae bases not auricled, apices caudate-acuminate, lobed 2/5–1/2 toward the costae (3–4 mm from costae), lobes oblique and slightly falcate, subacute to rounded at tip; costules ca. 4 mm apart; veins to ca. 8–9 pairs per segment, prominent (especially abaxially) on both sides of laminae, the basal pair from adjacent segments generally obtusely united and producing an excurrent vein 2.5–3 mm long to the sinus, the next 1–1 1/2 pairs merging with this excurrent vein or running to a cartilaginous, raised, sinus membrane; abaxial surface of rachis, costae, costules, and veins nearly lacking hairs or with scattered, minute hairs less than 0.1 mm, costae bearing adpressed to slightly spreading, tan, amorphous (cell walls not readily discernible at 30×) scales to 2 × 0.2 mm; yellowish sessile glands absent on both laminar surfaces, pustules also lacking; hairs absent adaxially on costae, costules, and veins.Sorimedial to supramedial; indusia absent; sporangia bearing yellowish capsular glands ca. 0.1 mm, lacking acicular hairs on sporangia and from receptacles.


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0)

© David H. Lorence, Warren L. Wagner, Kenneth R. Wood, Alan R. Smith

Source: PhytoKeys

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