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The Fascinating Fox

Beautiful, intelligent and elusive, the fox is an opertunistic member of the canine family with several catlike traits, such as hunting methods, soft paws, sensitive whiskers, keen hearing, and vertical slit pupils. There are at least twelve known species of foxes ranging throughout the world with the widest range belonging to the red fox due to its adaptability and willingness to use human changes to the environment to its own advantage.  The fox is a devoted parent and both the dog fox and the vixen work hard together to provide their kits with food and teach them the hunting skills they will need to survive.

The fox appears in the folklore of many different cultures, sometimes good, sometimes evil, but always very clever.  This is most likely a reflection of the varying views humans have of foxes: animals to be admired for their beauty and intelligence, prey to be hunted for sport, creatures to be trapped for their fur, or vermin to be feared for their threat to livestock and as well known carriers of rabies.


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