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 Length: 2.46–2.53 mm, width: 2.03–2.15 mm; body rufo-brunneus, broadly elongate oval, subdepressed, weakly convex above; frons broad, with sides of frontal stria divergent anterad, frontal disk depressed behind carinate, arcuate, complete frontal stria; epistoma depressed between fragments of oblique lateral striae which vaguely meet frontal stria; labrum short, emarginate; mandibles without strong inner teeth; pronotal sides weakly convergent in basal two-thirds, rounded to frontal angles, with a shallow prescutellar depression bearing a single median puncture; lateral marginal pronotal stria complete at sides and continuous across front; lateral submarginal pronotal stria complete at sides, deeply depressed along its inner edge, ending freely after turning mediad at front; anterior submarginal stria present, with sides weakly divergent from anterior margin; median pronotal gland openings anterad ends of submarginal stria, about 5 puncture widths from anterior margin; pronotal disk shallowly punctato-rugose along sides; elytra with two complete epipleural striae; inner and outer subhumeral striae, as well as dorsal striae 1-5 complete to front (4 and 5 slightly fragmented at apices), 5th arched toward suture at base, sutural stria absent from basal fourth; elytral disks with coarse apical punctures in apical fourth; prosternal keel truncate at base, with carinal striae in basal three-fourths meeting in narrow anterior arch, faint secondary striae present alongside carinal striae; prosternal lobe short, wide, extending to hypomera, its marginal stria present only at middle; mesoventrite very shallowly emarginate in front, with complete marginal stria; mesometaventral stria arched strongly forward, nearly meeting marginal mesoventral, continued by lateral metaventral stria nearly to metacoxa, then curved laterad, ending short of metepisternum; metaventral disk with fine ground punctures and very fine, transverse microsculpture; 1st abdominal ventrite with single lateral stria; propygidium with conspicuous, more or less transverse waves of microsculpture, with fine ground punctures sparse, and coarser, round punctures uniformly separated by about their diameters; pygidium similar to propygidium with slightly higher density of coarse punctures, with marginal stria complete or slightly fractured near basal corners. Male not known. 


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© Michael S. Caterino, Alexey K. Tishechkin

Source: ZooKeys

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