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 Colonies. Growth on 5% malt extract agar: after 3 days at 25°C, the cells are ovoidal to elongate, (1.5-5.0) × (3.0-18.0) μm, and occur singly, in pairs and in short chains. Growth is white to occasionally faintly yellowish-white in colour. Growth on the surface of assimilation media: heavy, dry climbing pellicles develop. Dalmau plate culture on morphology agar: after 7 days at 25°C, growth under the cover glass shows pseudohyphae which, depending upon the strain, may be poorly differentiated to moderately branched. True hyphae are not formed. Aerobic growth is white, smooth to rugose, powdery, and generally has lobed margins. A faint ester-like odour is produced by some strains. Teleomorph. Formation of ascospores: asci show parent cell bud conjugation and produce one to four spheroidal to subspheroidal ascospores. Asci are generally persistent, although free spores are occasionally observed. Single-spore isolates from four-spored asci from the type strain and one additional strain were sporogenous, indicating the species to be homothallic, the spores to have a thin, subequatorial ledge visible under the electron microscope. Ascospores were observed on V8, RG and YM agars after 3-5 days at 25°C. 


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