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Ascodesmisites & A. malayensis invalid names

The monotypic generic name Ascodesmisites Trib., Chat. & Verna  and the species name A. malayensis (Trevedi et al., 1973) are both invalid under the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. No asci are reported, the supposed antheridia and ascogonia are certainly not such structures, and the supposed conidial state appears to be that of an appressorium. Twelve years earlier Trividi and Chatuvedi (1961) described two new (fortunately unnamed)  genera of fossil fungi in Tertairy coal from Malaysia, whcih are said in the 1973 article to be the apothecial and conidial states of one fungus. All the filaments and structures illustrated could as well be those of an alga as of a fungus.

My 1977 article in Mycotaxon 6: 193-194 can be viewed through Cyberliber at <;.

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