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Sulcophanaeus d'Olsoufieff, 1924

According Edmonds (2000), Sulcophanaeus comprises five species groups and 14 species:

1) faunus species group:

Sulcophanaeus faunus (Fabricius, 1775)

Sulcophanaeus leander (Waterhouse, 1891)

Sulcophanaeus columbi (MacLeay, 1819) (=Lonchophorus hastifer Germar, 1824)

2) carnifex species group:

Sulcophanaeus carnifex (Linnaeus, 1858) (= Scarabaeus sulcatus Drury, 1870, type species of Sulcophanaeus by original designation; Scarabaeus belzebul Fabricius, 1775; Scarabaeus nicanor Fabricius, 1781;Scarabaeus lar Herbst, 1789; Phanaeus moloch MacLeay, 1819; )

3) auricollis species group

Sulcophanaeus actaeon (Erichson, 1847)

Sulcophanaeus velutinus (Murray, 1856)

Sulcophanaeus noctis (Bates, 1887) (= Phanaeus cupricollis Nevinson, 1891)

Sulcophanaeus chryseicollis (Harold, 1863)

Sulcophanaeus auricollis auricollis (Harold, 1880)

Sulcophanaeus auricollis joffrei Martínez, 1988

4) imperator species group:

Sulcophanaeus imperator (Chevrolat, 1844)

Sulcophanaeus steinheili (Harold, 1875)

5) menelas species group:

Sulcophanaeus rhadamanthus (Harold, 1875)

Sulcophanaeus batesi (Harold, 1868)

Sulcophanaeus menelas (Laporte, 1840)

According Arnaud (2002b), the species are arranged as follows:

1) carnifex species group:

- S. carnifex

2) faunus species group:

- S. faunus

- S. leander

- S. columbi

3) velutinus species group:

- S. velutinus

- S. actaeon

4) auricollis species group:

- S. auricollis auricollis

- S. auricollis joffrei

- S. chryseicollis

- S. noctis

Sulcophanaeus miyashitai miyashitai Arnaud, 2002

Sulcophanaeus miyashitai metallescens Arnaud, 2002

5) menelas species group:

- S. menelas

S. batesi

6) imperator species group:

- S. imperator

S. rhadamanthus

S. steinheili


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