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 Evergreen herb, medium-size to 125 cm tall; rhizome to 2.0 cm in diameter, fibrous, aromatic, inner color white; tubers present.Leafy shoots10–20 per plant, erect, densely clumped.Leaves4–5 per shoot, to 118 cm in total length; basal leaf sheaths reddish and glabrous, ca. 30 cm in length × 5 cm in width; sheathing petioles to 52 cm in length × 1.5 cm in diameter, glabrous, green and clasping stem, margin slightly revolute; ligule small, 10 mm in length × 1 mm in width, not lobed, truncate on petiole, papery and ephemeral disappearing in mature leaves; lamina 67 cm in length × 14 cm in width, ovate, green and glabrous above, lower midrib green and glabrous, base long attenuate onto petiole, slightly subequal, apex acuminate, adaxial surface dark green.Inflorescencebasal on leafless shoot, erect to 33 cm in height; peduncle 20 cm in length × 1.0–1.5 cm in diameter, glabrous, lower sheathsred, upper sheaths green; spike ovoid, 6–10 cm in length × 4–5 cm in diameter; rachis straight; inflorescence bracts about 40 per inflorescence, 1–2 lower bracts sterile, bracts 3.7 cm in length × 2.4 cm in width at base of inflorescence, 2.0 cm in length × 1.8 cm in width distally, spirally arranged and imbricate, not pouched, held at 40° from vertical axis, glabrous, bright green with reddish apex, margins smooth; bracteoles not tubular, 2.1 cm in length × 1.6 cm in width, glabrous, pale white with reddish apex.Flowersconspicuous, 3–4 per bract; calyx tubular, 1.5 cm long, tri-lobed with central lobe shortest, pale yellow to pink; floral tube 3.2 cm in length × 2.0 mm in diameter, reddish pink, externally glabrous with scattered unicellular papillate hairs inside, lobed with each lobe 1.4 cm in length, reflexed; lateral staminodes 3.0 mm in length × 2.0 mm in width, cup-shaped, glabrous, red; labellum 2.2 cm in length × 3.0 mm in width at apex, linear to spatulate, not lobed, red basally with yellow apex, glabrous; fertile stamen with filament 2.1 cm long, red at throat of corolla becoming yellow distally, glabrous; anther 3.0 mm in length × 2.0 mm in width, without a crest; pollen pale yellow; epigynous glands two, linear; stigma minute, <1 mm across, white, extending slightly beyond anther; ovary trilocular, 2.0 mm in length × 2.0 mm in width, pubescent, white to cream colored.Fruitsand seeds unknown.


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0)

© W. John Kress, John D. Mood, Mamiyil Sabu, Linda M. Prince, Santanu Dey, E. Sanoj

Source: PhytoKeys

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