Sometimes taxonomists create new names for groups that already have a name. They may do this because they are unaware of the original name, or they may think the organism before them belongs to a different group when in fact it does not. If two or more names are found to apply to the same group, they are considered synonyms. In most cases, the first name takes priority and is considered to be the valid or accepted name. However, there can be exceptions, and it's not always easy to determine which of a series of synonyms should be considered valid or accepted. Here we list the synonyms provided to EOL by our classification partners. We also include other versions of the name that most likely refer to the same group, for example, misspellings in the literature or different variations of the authorship associated with the name.

Preferred marks the preferred name from each source.


Name Relationship
Mycena (Persoon) H.F.A. Roussel, 1806 Preferred
Mycena dilatata (Fr.) Gillet 1876 Synonym
Mycena delectabilis (Peck) Sacc. 1887
Mycena gypsella Kühner 1972
Mycena cruenta (Fr.) Quél. 1872
Mycena margaritispora J. E. Lange 1914
Mycena rugosa (Fr.) Quél. 1872
Mycena thymicola Velen. 1920
Mycena bryophila Voglino 1886
Mycena viscosa Secr. ex Maire 1910
Mycena fibula (Bull.) Kühner 1938
Mycena quisquiliaris (Joss.) Kühner 1938
Mycena floccipes (Fr.) Kühner 1938
Mycena gypsea (Fr.) Quél. 1873
Mycena balanina (Berk.) P. Karst. 1887
Mycena mairei (E. -J. Gilbert) Kühner 1938
Mycena luteoalba (Bolton) Gray 1821
Mycena marasmioides (Britzelm.) Sacc. 1895
Mycena mexicana Murrill 1912
Mycena salicina Velen. 1920
Mycena maura (Fr.) Kühner 1935
Mycena amygdalina (Pers.) Singer 1961
Mycena corticola sensu auct. brit.
Mycena vitilis sensu Ricken (1915)
Mycena rosea (Pers.) Sacc. 1915
Mycena lineata sensu auct.
Mycena alcalina sensu auct. p.p. syn.
Mycena cyphelloides sensu NCL (1960)
Mycena racemosa (Pers.) Gray 1821
Mycena pseudopura sensu A.A. Pearson, Kühner
Mycena ammoniaca sensu A.A. Pearson
Mycena pudica Hora 1960
Mycena swartzii (Fr.) A. H. Sm. 1947
Mycena epichloë Kühner 1938
Mycena collariata (Fr.) Quél. 1872
Mycena dissimulabilis sensu auct.
Mycena coccinea (Sowerby) Quél. 1880
Mycena gypsea sensu J. Lange
Mycena lasiosperma sensu J. Lange
Mycena langei Maire 1928
Mycena scabripes (Murrill) Murrill 1916
Mycena elegans sensu A.H. Smith
Mycena flavida (Maubl. & Rangel) Singer 1951
Mycena umbellifera (Schaeff.) Quél. 1872
Mycena gracilis (Quél.) Kühner 1938
Mycena metata sensu Rea (1922), auct.
Mycena cinerea Massee & Crossl. 1902
Mycena berkeleyi Massee 1893
Mycena acutoconica Clem. 1893
Mycena bisphaerigera (J. E. Lange) A. H. Sm. 1947
Mycena uracea A. Pearson 1938
Mycena pseudolactea Kühner 1938
Mycena rugulosiceps (Kauffman) A. H. Sm. 1937
Mycena tenerrima (Fr.) Quél. 1874
Mycena coccinea Cleland & Cheel 1919
Mycena cyphelloides P. D. Orton 1960
Mycena heteracantha (Singer) Desjardin 1995
Mycena epiphloea sensu J. Lange
Mycena marginella sensu Rea (1922)
Mycena fragilis (Fr.) Murrill 1912
Mycena candida (Bres.) Kühner 1938
Mycena iris (Berk.) Quél. 1872
Mycena rubromarginata (Fr.) P. Kumm. 1871
Mycena debilis sensu J.E. Lange
Mycena radicatella (Peck) Sacc. 1887
Mycena plicatocrenata (Fr.) Gillet 1876
Mycena cucullata (Pers.) Bon & Chevassut 1973
Mycena cucullata (Pers.) Redhead 1984
Mycena flavipes Quél. 1873
Mycena lenta Maire 1928
Mycena avenacea sensu Rea (1922), auct. mult.
Mycena ammoniaca sensu J. Lange
Mycena oortiana Hora 1960
Mycena cucullifera Romagn. 1992
Mycena hiemalis sensu Cooke
Mycena lasiosperma sensu Kühner (1938)
Mycena rubella sensu J. Lange
Mycena rubromarginata sensu auct. brit. p.p.
Mycena integrella (Pers.) Gray 1821
Mycena mirabilis (Cooke & Quél.) Quél. 1872
Mycena chlorinella (J. E. Lange) Singer 1936
Mycena strobilina sensu Rea (1922)
Mycena setosa (Sowerby) Gillet 1876
Mycena clavus sensu Rea (1922)
Mycena brunneomarginata Kühner 1938
Mycena angustispora Joss. ex P. D. Orton 1991
Mycena subimmaculata (Murrill) A. H. Sm. 1947
Mycena lactella P. D. Orton 1960
Mycena trichoderma Joss. 1938
Mycena virens sensu Rea (1922)
Mycena splendidipes Peck 1913
Mycena alcalina sensu auct.p.p.
Mycena pithya sensu auct.
Mycena saccharifera (Berk. & Broome) Gillet 1874
Mycena mauretanica (Maire) Kühner 1938
Mycena subalpina Höhn. 1913
Mycena consimilis (Cooke) Sacc. 1891
Mycena pithya (Fr.) Sacc. 1887
Mycena hudsonii (Pers.) Gray 1821
Mycena rubella Quél. 1884
Mycena tenera (Sowerby) Gray 1821
Mycena echinipes sensu Cooke
Mycena cohaerens (Pers.) Gillet 1874
Mycena fusconigra P. D. Orton 1988
Mycena carnicolor P. D. Orton 1960
Mycena pseudogrisella A. H. Sm. 1947
Mycena tortuosa P. D. Orton 1960
Mycena leucogala (Cooke) Sacc. 1887
Mycena codoniceps sensu Kühner
Mycena myosura (Fr.) Kühner 1938
Mycena epiphloea (Fr.) Sacc. 1887
Mycena cephalotricha (Joss. ex Redhead) Romagn. 1992
Mycena roseofusca (Kühner) Bon 1972
Mycena pelliculosa (Fr.) Quél. 1872
Mycena ochrogalatea J. Favre 1955
Mycena elegans sensu Rea (1922), A.A. Pearson, auct. mult.
Mycena pseudopura (Cooke) Sacc. 1887
Mycena fellea J. E. Lange 1914
Mycena camptophylla (Berk.) Singer 1962
Mycena iodiolens S. Lundell 1932
Mycena longiseta sensu auct. eur.
Mycena crispata Kühner 1938
Mycena delicatella (Peck) Singer 1947
Mycena tricolor Velen. 1920
Mycena avenacea (Fr.) Quél. 1872
Mycena tenerrima (Berk.) Sacc.
Mycena filopes sensu auct.
Mycena corticola sensu NCL (1960), Kühner (1938), auct. mult.
Mycena alcalina sensu Rea (1922)
Mycena praecox Velen. 1920
Mycena pseudocrispula Kühner 1938
Mycena spinosissima (Singer) Desjardin 1995
Mycena lactea (Pers.) P. Kumm. 1871
Mycena citrinella (Pers.) P. Kumm. 1871
Mycena crispula (Quél.) Kühner 1938
Mycena rickenii A. H. Sm. 1947


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