Sometimes taxonomists create new names for groups that already have a name. They may do this because they are unaware of the original name, or they may think the organism before them belongs to a different group when in fact it does not. If two or more names are found to apply to the same group, they are considered synonyms. In most cases, the first name takes priority and is considered to be the valid or accepted name. However, there can be exceptions, and it's not always easy to determine which of a series of synonyms should be considered valid or accepted. Here we list the synonyms provided to EOL by our classification partners. We also include other versions of the name that most likely refer to the same group, for example, misspellings in the literature or different variations of the authorship associated with the name.

Preferred marks the preferred name from each source.

MycoBank Classification

Name Relationship
Pholiota (Fries) P. Kummer Preferred
Flammula agardhii (N. Lund) P. Karsten Synonym
Flammula anepsia (Montagne) Saccardo
Flammula apicrea (Fries) Gillet
Flammula astragalina (Fries) P. Kummer
Flammula bellula (Peck) Pilát
Flammula carbonaria (Fries) P. Kummer
Flammula cinnamomea (Linnaeus) P. Kummer
Flammula conissans (Fries) Gillet
Flammula croceolamellata Pilát
Flammula dactylidicola J.E. Lange
Flammula decipiens Saccardo
Flammula decurrens Peck
Flammula decussata (Fries) Gillet
Flammula devonica Pilát
Flammula dilepis (Berkeley & Broome) Saccardo
Flammula filia (Fries) Massee
Flammula flava (Bresadola) J.E. Lange
Flammula flavida (Schaeffer) P. Kummer
Flammula freindlingiae Singer
Flammula fulgens (J. Favre & Maire) S. Lundell
Flammula fusa (Batsch) P. Kummer
Flammula gigantea (J.E. Lange) M.M. Moser
Flammula graminis (Quélet) Singer
Flammula granulosa Velenovský
Flammula gummosa (Lasch) P. Kummer
Flammula halliana (Peck) Peck
Flammula helomorpha (Fries) Quélet
Flammula henningsii Bresadola
Flammula highlandensis (Peck) Peck
Flammula holocrocina (Berkeley) Saccardo
Flammula hybrida (Bulliard) Gillet
Flammula inaurata (W.G. Smith) Saccardo
Flammula juncina (W.G. Smith) Saccardo
Flammula lapponica (Fries) Singer
Flammula lenta (Persoon) P. Kummer
Flammula limonia (Fries) P. Kummer
Flammula limulata (Fries) Weinmann
Flammula liquiritiae (Persoon) P. Kummer
Flammula lubrica (Persoon) P. Kummer
Flammula malicola Kauffman
Flammula mixta (Fries) Saccardo
Flammula myosotis (Fries) Singer
Flammula nigripes (Bulliard) Cooke
Flammula ochrochlora (Fries) P. Karsten
Flammula paludosa Hruby
Flammula pampeana Spegazzini
Flammula penetrans (Fries) Quélet
Flammula phosphorea (Battarra) Quélet
Flammula picrea (Persoon) P. Kummer
Flammula polychroa Berkeley
Flammula rhodoxanthus (Schweinitz) Lloyd
Flammula rubicundula (Rea) Rea
Flammula saniosa (Fries) P. Kummer
Flammula sapinea (Fries) P. Kummer
Flammula scamba (Fries) Saccardo
Flammula spectabilis (Weinmann) R. Heim
Flammula sphagnicola Peck
Flammula spumosa (Fries) P. Kummer
Flammula squamulosa Velenovský
Flammula stabilis (Weinmann) P. Karsten
Flammula statuum (Spegazzini) Saccardo
Flammula strigiceps (Fries) P. Kummer
Flammula tricholoma (Albertini & Schweinitz) P. Kummer
Flammula veluticeps (Saccardo) Singer
Flammula viscida Peck
Derminus tener (Schaeffer) J. Schröter
Pholiota abietis A.H. Smith & Hesler
Pholiota aegerita (V. Briganti) Quélet
Pholiota aeruginosa Peck
Pholiota alnicola (Fries) Singer
Pholiota apicrea (Fries) M.M. Moser
Pholiota aromatica P.D. Orton
Pholiota arrhenii (Fries) Quélet
Pholiota aurantiaca Thesleff
Pholiota aurea (Mattuschka) Saccardo
Pholiota autumnalis Peck
Pholiota blattaria (Fries) Quélet
Pholiota brunneola (Fries) J.E. Lange
Pholiota candicans (Persoon) J. Schröter
Pholiota caperata (Persoon) P. Kummer
Pholiota capistrata (Cooke) Saccardo
Pholiota ceriferoides P.D. Orton
Pholiota comosa (Fries) Quélet
Pholiota confoederans (Britzelmayr) Saccardo
Pholiota confragosa (Fries) P. Karsten
Pholiota connata A.H. Smith & Hesler
Pholiota cookei (Fries) Saccardo
Pholiota cylindracea (DeCandolle) Gillet
Pholiota decurrens Velenovský
Pholiota decussata (Fries) M.M. Moser
Pholiota destruens (Brondeau) Gillet
Pholiota discolor Saccardo
Pholiota dissimulans (Berkeley & Broome) Saccardo
Pholiota dura (Bolton) P. Kummer
Pholiota effusa (Kalchbrenner) Saccardo
Pholiota elongatipes (Peck) A.H. Smith & Hesler
Pholiota erebia (Fries) Gillet
Pholiota erinaceus (Fries) L. Corbière
Pholiota erinaceella (Peck) Peck
Pholiota exsequens (Britzelmayr) Saccardo
Pholiota filaris (Fries) Peck
Pholiota filia (Fries) P.D. Orton
Pholiota flavida (Schaeffer) Singer
Pholiota fusa (Batsch) Singer
Pholiota fusca Quélet
Pholiota gigantea Naveau
Pholiota gongylophora (A. Møller) Rick
Pholiota graminis (Quélet) Singer
Pholiota grandis Rea
Pholiota groenlandica M. Lange
Pholiota heteroclita (Fries) Quélet
Pholiota humidicola (Murrill) A.H. Smith & Hesler
Pholiota infracta (Persoon) P. Kummer
Pholiota intermedia Singer
Pholiota junonia (Fries) P. Karsten
Pholiota kauffmaniana A.H. Smith
Pholiota kubickae Singer & Clémençon
Pholiota langei Singer
Pholiota lapponica (Fries) Singer
Pholiota lata (Persoon) P. Kummer
Pholiota leochroma (Cooke) Saccardo
Pholiota lignicola (Peck) Jacobsson
Pholiota lilacifolia P.D. Orton
Pholiota lutaria (Maire) Kuyper & Tjallingii-Beukers
Pholiota luteobadia A.H. Smith & Hesler
Pholiota malicola (Kauffman) A.H. Smith
Pholiota marginata (Batsch) Quélet
Pholiota maximovici Velenovský
Pholiota molliscorium (Cooke & Massee) Saccardo
Pholiota mucosa Velenovský
Pholiota muricata (Fries) P. Kummer
Pholiota mutabilis (Schaeffer) P. Kummer
Pholiota myosotis (Fries) Singer
Pholiota nameko (T. Ito) S. Ito & S. Imai
Pholiota nana E. Horak
Pholiota ochrochlora (Fries) P.D. Orton
Pholiota ochroflavida (Malençon) Bon
Pholiota oedipus (Cooke) P. D. Orton
Pholiota olivacea (Maire & Malençon) Bon
Pholiota ombrophila (Fries) P. Karsten
Pholiota paludosa (Fries) Patouillard
Pholiota pampeanus Spegazzini
Pholiota peliolepis Spegazzini
Pholiota phalerata (Fries) Quélet
Pholiota phragmatophylla de Guernisac
Pholiota phylicigena (Berkeley) Saccardo
Pholiota praecavenda (Britzelmayr) Saccardo
Pholiota praecox (Persoon) P. Kummer
Pholiota praticola F.H. Møller
Pholiota propinquata (Britzelmayr) Saccardo
Pholiota pseudohypholoma Velenovský
Pholiota pseudomarginata Hruby
Pholiota pudica (Bulliard) Gillet
Pholiota pumila (Persoon) Gillet
Pholiota punicea A.H. Smith & Hesler
Pholiota radicosa (Bulliard) P. Kummer
Pholiota rigelliae Velenovský
Pholiota romagnesiana A.H. Smith & Hesler
Pholiota rostrata Velenovský
Pholiota rufofulva Cleland
Pholiota rugosa Peck
Pholiota salicicola (Fries) Arnolds
Pholiota sect. Confragosae (Singer) A.H. Smith & Hesler
Pholiota separata (Linnaeus) P. Kummer
Pholiota septentrionalis A.H. Smith
Pholiota spectabilis (Weinmann) P. Kummer
Pholiota sphagnicola (Peck) A.H. Smith & Hesler
Pholiota sphaleromorpha (Bulliard ex Persoon) Quélet
Pholiota squarrosa (Oeder) P. Kummer
Pholiota subcaerulea A.H. Smith & Hesler
Pholiota subvelutipes A.H. Smith & Hesler
Pholiota teneroides J.E. Lange
Pholiota terrigena (Fries) P. Karsten
Pholiota togularis (Bulliard ex Persoon) P. Kummer
Pholiota unicolor (Vahl) Gillet
Pholiota variicolor (Persoon) P. Kummer
Pholiota vermiflua (Peck) Saccardo
Pholiota vernalis (Saccardo) A.H. Smith & Hesler
Pholiota washingtonensis Murrill


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