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Galagos /ɡəˈleɪɡoʊz/, also known as bushbabies, bush babies or nagapies (meaning "little night monkeys" in Afrikaans), are small, nocturnal primates native to continental Africa. Three genera and nineteen species of galago currently make up the family Galagidae (Wilson et al., 2005). Genetic studies indicate that Galagidae is a monophyletic family separate from Lorisidae (Chaterjee et al., 2009; Perelman et al., 2011). Galagos are said to have separated from the Lorisids approximately 35 million years ago (Matsui et al., 2009). Galagidae is the most diverse member of the Lorisiformes infraorder, with new taxa continuing to be discovered around Africa. (Mitani et al., 2012).

Galagos have large eyes, powerful hind limbs, acute hearing, and long tails that assist with balance. Galagos have nails on most digits, except for the second toe of the hindfoot, which bears a 'toilet' claw for grooming. The diet is a mixture of insects and other small animals, fruit, and tree gums (Charles-Dominique, 1984). They have pectinate (comb-like) incisors called toothcombs, and the dental formula:


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