Sometimes taxonomists create new names for groups that already have a name. They may do this because they are unaware of the original name, or they may think the organism before them belongs to a different group when in fact it does not. If two or more names are found to apply to the same group, they are considered synonyms. In most cases, the first name takes priority and is considered to be the valid or accepted name. However, there can be exceptions, and it's not always easy to determine which of a series of synonyms should be considered valid or accepted. Here we list the synonyms provided to EOL by our classification partners. We also include other versions of the name that most likely refer to the same group, for example, misspellings in the literature or different variations of the authorship associated with the name.

Preferred marks the preferred name from each source. Import

Name Relationship
Agaricus Preferred
Psalliota Synonym


Name Relationship
Agaricus Linnaeus, 1753 Preferred
Agaricus bohusii Bon 1981 Accepted
Agaricus subfloccosus (J.E. Lange) Pilát 1941
Agaricus litoralis (A. Pearson & Wakef.) Bon 1981

MycoBank Classification

Name Relationship
Agaricus Linnaeus Preferred
Agaricus badhamii Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus badipes Fries
Agaricus balteatus Fries
Agaricus barbatulus Berkeley & M.A. Curtis
Agaricus barbatus Batsch
Agaricus belliae Johnston
Agaricus bellulus Peck
Agaricus berkeleyi Hooker f.
Agaricus berlangeri Montagne
Agaricus bernardiiformis Bohus
Agaricus berteroi Fries
Agaricus betulinus Linnaeus
Agaricus bifrons Berkeley
Agaricus birnbaumii Corda
Agaricus birrus Fries
Agaricus bivelatoides Murrill
Agaricus bivelus Fries
Agaricus blattarius Fries
Agaricus blennius Fries
Agaricus bloxamii Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus bolaris Persoon
Agaricus boletiformis Sowerby
Agaricus bombycinus Schaeffer
Agaricus bongardii Weinmann
Agaricus borealis Fries
Agaricus boryanus Berkeley & Montagne
Agaricus bovinus (Linnaeus) Lamarck
Agaricus brevipes Bulliard
Agaricus britzelmayrii Schulzer
Agaricus brumalis Fries
Agaricus brunnescens Peck
Agaricus brunneus Persoon
Agaricus bryophilus Persoon
Agaricus bucknallii Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus bufonius Persoon
Agaricus bulbiger Albertini & Schweinitz
Agaricus bulbosus Sowerby
Agaricus bullaceus Bulliard
Agaricus bulliardii Persoon
Agaricus bursiformis Berkeley
Agaricus butyraceus Bulliard
Agaricus byssisedus Persoon
Agaricus daucipes Persoon
Agaricus dealbatus Sowerby
Agaricus decastes Fries
Agaricus decipiens Persoon
Agaricus decolorans Fries
Agaricus decoloratus Fries
Agaricus decorosus Peck
Agaricus decorus Fries
Agaricus decussatus Fries
Agaricus deductus Britzelmayr
Agaricus deflectens Britzelmayr
Agaricus delastrei Montagne
Agaricus delectabilis Peck
Agaricus deliberatus Britzelmayr
Agaricus delicatus Fries
Agaricus deliciosus Linnaeus
Agaricus deliquescens Bulliard
Agaricus demisannulus Secretan ex Fries
Agaricus demissus Fries
Agaricus denudatus Rabenhorst
Agaricus deplanatus (Link ex Fries) Murrill
Agaricus depluens Batsch
Agaricus deserticola G. Moreno, Esqueda & Lizárraga
Agaricus destruens Brondeau
Agaricus deylii Pilát
Agaricus diatretus Fries
Agaricus dichrous Persoon
Agaricus dictyorhizus DeCandolle
Agaricus dilepis Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus dilutus Persoon
Agaricus diplasius Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus discoideus Persoon
Agaricus discomorbidus Peck
Agaricus discoxanthus Fries
Agaricus dispar Batsch
Agaricus disseminatus Persoon
Agaricus dissidens Britzelmayr
Agaricus dissimulans Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus dissimulabilis Britzelmayr
Agaricus distans Persoon
Agaricus distortus Fries
Agaricus ditopus Fries
Agaricus djamor Rumphius ex Fries
Agaricus dolinensis Schulzer
Agaricus domesticus Bolton
Agaricus dryinus Persoon
Agaricus dryophilus Bulliard
Agaricus dubius Schaeffer
Agaricus dulcamarus Persoon
Agaricus dunalii DeCandolle
Agaricus durus Bolton
Agaricus dysthales Peck
Agaricus eburneus Bulliard
Agaricus echinatus Roth
Agaricus echinocephalus Vittadini
Agaricus ectypoides Peck
Agaricus ectypus Fries
Agaricus edodes Berkeley
Agaricus effusus Kalchbrenner
Agaricus elasticus Lasch
Agaricus elephantinus Bolton
Agaricus elodes Fries
Agaricus elongatus Persoon
Agaricus elongatipes Peck
Agaricus elytroides Scopoli
Agaricus embolus Fries
Agaricus emendatior Berkeley & M.A. Curtis
Agaricus emerici Berkeley
Agaricus emeticus Schaeffer
Agaricus eöus Berkeley
Agaricus ephebeus Fries
Agaricus ephemerus Bulliard
Agaricus epibryus Fries
Agaricus epichysium Persoon
Agaricus epimyces Peck
Agaricus epiphyllus Persoon
Agaricus epipterygius Scopoli
Agaricus epixanthus Fries
Agaricus epixylon Bulliard
Agaricus equestris Linnaeus
Agaricus eradicatus Kalchbrenner
Agaricus erebius Fries
Agaricus ericaeus Persoon
Agaricus ericetorum Persoon
Agaricus ericeus Bulliard
Agaricus erinaceus Fries
Agaricus erinaceellus Peck
Agaricus eriophorus Berkeley
Agaricus ermineus Fries
Agaricus erophilus Fries
Agaricus erubescens Fries
Agaricus eryngii DeCandolle
Agaricus erythrocephalus Léveillé
Agaricus erythropus Persoon
Agaricus escharioides Fries
Agaricus esculentus Wulfen
Agaricus essequeboensis G. Meyer
Agaricus eucalyptorum Fries
Agaricus euchrous Persoon
Agaricus eugraptus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus euosmus Berkeley
Agaricus eustygius Cooke
Agaricus evernius Fries
Agaricus exalbicans Krapf
Agaricus exalbidus Britzelmayr
Agaricus excellens (F.H. Møller) F.H. Møller
Agaricus excelsus Fries
Agaricus excoriatus Schaeffer
Agaricus exiguus Patouillard
Agaricus exilis Fries
Agaricus expallens Persoon
Agaricus explanatus Britzelmayr
Agaricus exscissus Fries
Agaricus exsculptus Fries
Agaricus exsequens Britzelmayr
Agaricus fallaciosus Britzelmayr
Agaricus familia Peck
Agaricus farinaceus Schumacher
Agaricus fasciatus Scopoli
Agaricus fascicularis Hudson
Agaricus fastigiatus Schaeffer
Agaricus fatuus (Fries) Fries
Agaricus felinus Persoon
Agaricus felleus Fries
Agaricus fertilis Persoon
Agaricus ferulae Lanzi
Agaricus festivus Fries
Agaricus fibrillosus Persoon
Agaricus fibrosus Sowerby
Agaricus fibula Bulliard
Agaricus fibuloides Peck
Agaricus ficoides Bulliard & Ventenat
Agaricus filius Fries
Agaricus filopes Bulliard
Agaricus fimetarius Linnaeus
Agaricus fimicola Fries
Agaricus fimiputris Bulliard
Agaricus firmus Persoon
Agaricus fissuratus (F.H. Møller) F.H. Møller
Agaricus fissus Leysser
Agaricus flabelliformis Bolton
Agaricus flaccidus Sowerby
Agaricus flammans Batsch
Agaricus flavidorufus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus flavidolilacinus Britzelmayr
Agaricus flavidus Schaeffer
Agaricus flavoalbus Fries
Agaricus flavominiatus Berkeley
Agaricus flexipes Persoon
Agaricus floccipes Fries
Agaricus floccosus Schaeffer
Agaricus flocculosus DeCandolle
Agaricus floridulus Fries
Agaricus floriformis (Quélet) E.H.L. Krause
Agaricus flos-sulphuris Schnizlein
Agaricus fluxilis Fries
Agaricus focalis Fries
Agaricus fodiens Kalchbrenner
Agaricus foenisecii Persoon
Agaricus foetens (Persoon) Persoon
Agaricus foetidus (Sowerby) Fries
Agaricus fomentarius (Linnaeus) Lamarck
Agaricus formosus Fries
Agaricus fracidus Fries
Agaricus fragrans Withering
Agaricus fraudans Britzelmayr
Agaricus friesii Lasch
Agaricus fritilliformis Lasch
Agaricus fritillarius Batsch
Agaricus frondosus (Dickson) Schrank
Agaricus frustulentus Fries
Agaricus fucatus Fries
Agaricus fulgens Persoon
Agaricus fuliginosus Krapf
Agaricus fulvellus Fries
Agaricus fumosopurpureus Lasch
Agaricus fumosus Persoon
Agaricus furfuraceus Persoon
Agaricus furfurellus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus furnaceus Letellier
Agaricus fuscopurpureus Persoon
Agaricus fusipes Bulliard
Agaricus fusus Batsch
Agaricus galanthinus Cooke & Massee
Agaricus galericulatus Scopoli
Agaricus gallinaceus Scopoli
Agaricus galochrous Fries
Agaricus galopus Persoon
Agaricus gambosus Fries
Agaricus gangraenosus Fries
Agaricus gardneri Berkeley
Agaricus gausapatus Fries
Agaricus gayanus Montagne
Agaricus geesterani Bas & Heinemann
Agaricus gelatinosus J.F. Gmelin
Agaricus geminus J. Otto
Agaricus gemmatus Fries
Agaricus gentilis Fries
Agaricus geogenius DeCandolle ex Fries
Agaricus geophyllus Sowerby
Agaricus georgii Linnaeus
Agaricus georginae W.G. Smith
Agaricus geotropus Bulliard ex DeCandolle
Agaricus gerardianus Peck
Agaricus gibberosus Fries
Agaricus gibbus Persoon
Agaricus gilvus Persoon
Agaricus glaber Zeller
Agaricus glaucopus Schaeffer
Agaricus glaucus Batsch
Agaricus gliodermus Fries
Agaricus globularis Weinmann
Agaricus gloiocephalus DeCandolle
Agaricus glutinosus Schaeffer
Agaricus glyciosmus Fries
Agaricus gossypinulus Spegazzini
Agaricus gossypinus Bulliard
Agaricus gracilentus Krombholz
Agaricus gracilis Fries
Agaricus graminum Libert
Agaricus grammocephalus Bulliard
Agaricus grammopodius Bulliard
Agaricus granulosus Batsch
Agaricus gratus Schumacher
Agaricus griseocyaneus Fries
Agaricus griseopallidus Desmazières
Agaricus grossulus Persoon
Agaricus guadelupensis Patouillard
Agaricus guarapiensis Spegazzini
Agaricus gummosus Lasch
Agaricus guttatus Persoon
Agaricus haemactus Berkeley & Cooke
Agaricus haematocephalus Montagne
Agaricus haematophyllus Berkeley
Agaricus haematopus Persoon
Agaricus haematospermus Bulliard
Agaricus haematochelis Bulliard
Agaricus haemorrhoidarius Schulzer
Agaricus hariolorum Bulliard
Agaricus haustellaris Fries
Agaricus helomorphus Fries
Agaricus helvelloides Bulliard & Ventenat
Agaricus helvus Fries
Agaricus hemibaphus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus hemitrichus Persoon
Agaricus hepatizon Berkeley
Agaricus herbarum Peck
Agaricus heteroclitus Fries
Agaricus heterosticha (Fries) Fries
Agaricus hiascens Fries
Agaricus hiemalis Osbeck
Agaricus highlandensis Peck
Agaricus hilaris Fries
Agaricus hillii Murrill
Agaricus hirneolus Fries
Agaricus hirsutus Lasch
Agaricus hirtipes Schumacher
Agaricus hirtus Fries
Agaricus hispidissimus E.H.L. Krause
Agaricus hispidulus Fries
Agaricus hobsonii Berkeley
Agaricus hoeftii Weinmann
Agaricus holochlorus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus holocrocinus Berkeley
Agaricus holosericeus J.J. Planer
Agaricus holospilotus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus hookeri Klotzsch
Agaricus horizontalis Bulliard
Agaricus hornemannii Fries
Agaricus hudsonii Persoon
Agaricus huijsmanii Courtecuisse
Agaricus humilis Persoon
Agaricus hyacinthus Batsch
Agaricus hybridus Bulliard
Agaricus hydrogrammus Bulliard
Agaricus hymenocephalus Peck
Agaricus hyperboreus P. Karsten
Agaricus hypnorum Schrank
Agaricus hypopithys Fries
Agaricus hypothejus Fries
Agaricus hypozanthus (Persoon) J. Otto
Agaricus hysginus Fries
Agaricus hystrix Fries
Agaricus ichoratus Batsch
Agaricus icterinus Fries
Agaricus igniarius (Linnaeus) E.H.L. Krause
Agaricus illicinus DeCandolle
Agaricus illinitus Fries
Agaricus illotus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus illudens Schweinitz
Agaricus imbricatus Fries
Agaricus impatiens Fries
Agaricus impexus Lasch
Agaricus inamoenus Fries
Agaricus inapertus Vellinga
Agaricus inauratus W.G. Smith
Agaricus incanus Fries
Agaricus incarnatofuscescens Britzelmayr
Agaricus incertus Schaeffer
Agaricus incisus Persoon
Agaricus inclinatus Fries
Agaricus inconstans Persoon
Agaricus incrassatus Sowerby
Agaricus indigoferus Ellis
Agaricus indissimilis Britzelmayr
Agaricus infractus Persoon
Agaricus infula Fries
Agaricus ingratus Schumacher
Agaricus injunctus Britzelmayr
Agaricus inolens Fries
Agaricus inornatus Sowerby
Agaricus inquilinus Fries
Agaricus inscriptus Britzelmayr
Agaricus insignis Cooke & Massee
Agaricus insulsus Fries
Agaricus integer Linnaeus
Agaricus integrellus Persoon
Agaricus inunctus Fries
Agaricus inutilis Britzelmayr
Agaricus inversus Scopoli
Agaricus invitus P. Karsten
Agaricus involutus Batsch
Agaricus ionides Bulliard
Agaricus irinus Fries
Agaricus iris Berkeley
Agaricus irrigatus Persoon
Agaricus isabellinus Batsch
Agaricus ixodes Montagne
Agaricus jacksonii Berkeley & Cooke
Agaricus jasonis Cooke & Massee
Agaricus jodoformicus Spegazzini
Agaricus jonquilla Léveillé
Agaricus jubatus Fries
Agaricus juncinus W.G. Smith
Agaricus juniperinus Murrill
Agaricus junonius Fries
Agaricus juranus Patouillard
Agaricus koelerionis (Bon) Bon
Agaricus kuehnerianus Heinemann
Agaricus kymatodes (Rostkovius) E.H.L. Krause
Agaricus labyrinthiformis Hoffmann
Agaricus laccatus Scopoli
Agaricus lacer Fries
Agaricus lachnophyllus Berkeley
Agaricus laciniatocrenatus (Spegazzini) Spegazzini
Agaricus lacmus Schumacher
Agaricus lacrymabundus Bulliard
Agaricus lacteus Persoon
Agaricus laetus Persoon
Agaricus lagopus Fries
Agaricus lagotis Berkeley & M.A. Curtis
Agaricus lampas Berkeley
Agaricus lampropus Fries
Agaricus lancipes Fries
Agaricus lapponicus Fries
Agaricus lascivus Fries
Agaricus lasius Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus lateritius Schaeffer
Agaricus latifolius Peck
Agaricus latus Persoon
Agaricus lazulinus Fries
Agaricus leightonii Berkeley
Agaricus leiopus Persoon
Agaricus lenticularis Lasch
Agaricus lentiginosus Fries
Agaricus lentus Persoon
Agaricus leochromus Cooke
Agaricus leoninus Schaeffer
Agaricus lepideus Fries
Agaricus leptocephalus Persoon
Agaricus leptogramme Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus leptophyllus Peck
Agaricus leucogalus Cooke
Agaricus leucophaeatus P. Karsten
Agaricus leucopus Bulliard
Agaricus leucotephrus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus leucothites Vittadini
Agaricus leucotrichus (F.H. Møller) F.H. Møller
Agaricus leveillianus Dozy & Molkenboer
Agaricus libertatis Batsch
Agaricus lichenoides Schrank
Agaricus lignatilis Persoon
Agaricus lignicola Peck
Agaricus lignosus Lamarck
Agaricus lignyodes Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus lilacinus Lasch
Agaricus limonellus Peck
Agaricus limonius Fries
Agaricus limulatus Fries
Agaricus linkii Fries
Agaricus lipsiensis (Batsch) E.H.L. Krause
Agaricus liquiritiae Persoon
Agaricus lituus Fries
Agaricus lividoochraceus Berkeley
Agaricus longinquus Berkeley
Agaricus loricatus Fries
Agaricus loveianus Berkeley
Agaricus lubricus Persoon
Agaricus lucifer Lasch
Agaricus lugubris Fries
Agaricus luscinus Fries
Agaricus luteolorufescens P.D. Orton
Agaricus luteolospermus Britzelmayr
Agaricus luteonitens Fries
Agaricus luteoolivaceus Berkeley & M.A. Curtis
Agaricus luteus Hudson
Agaricus nambi Spegazzini
Agaricus nanus Persoon
Agaricus narcoticus Batsch
Agaricus naucinus Fries
Agaricus nauseosus Persoon
Agaricus nebularis Batsch
Agaricus neglectus Lasch
Agaricus nephrodes Berkeley & M.A. Curtis
Agaricus nictitans Fries
Agaricus nidiformis Berkeley
Agaricus nidorosus Fries
Agaricus nidulans Persoon
Agaricus niger Schweinitz
Agaricus nigripes Bulliard
Agaricus ninguidus Berkeley
Agaricus nitellinus Fries
Agaricus nitidiusculus Britzelmayr
Agaricus nitidus Persoon
Agaricus nitratus Persoon
Agaricus niveolutescens Huijsman
Agaricus nivescens (F.H. Møller) F.H. Møller
Agaricus niveus Persoon
Agaricus nobilis Bolton
Agaricus noctilucens Léveillé
Agaricus noli-tangere Fries
Agaricus nudus Bulliard
Agaricus nympharum Kalchbrenner
Agaricus obbatus Fries
Agaricus oblectabilis Britzelmayr
Agaricus oblongisporus Britzelmayr
Agaricus obrusseus Fries
Agaricus obscuratus Lasch
Agaricus observabilis Britzelmayr
Agaricus obtusatus Fries
Agaricus obtusus Fries
Agaricus occultans Batsch
Agaricus ochrochlorus Fries
Agaricus ochroleucus Schaeffer
Agaricus ochrophyllus Cooke & Massee
Agaricus ocior Persoon
Agaricus odini Fries
Agaricus odorativus Britzelmayr
Agaricus odorus Bulliard
Agaricus oedipus Cooke
Agaricus ohiensis Montagne
Agaricus olearius DeCandolle
Agaricus olidus Cooke & Massee
Agaricus olivaceoalbus Fries
Agaricus olivaceus Schaeffer
Agaricus olivaceomarginatus Massee
Agaricus olivaesporus Ellis & Everhart
Agaricus ombrophilus Fries
Agaricus omphalomorphus Bertero & Montagne
Agaricus oniscus Fries
Agaricus onustus Howe
Agaricus opuntiae Durieu & Léveillé
Agaricus orcella Bulliard
Agaricus oreades Bolton
Agaricus oreinus Fries
Agaricus ostreatus Jacquin
Agaricus ovatus Scopoli
Agaricus ovinus Bulliard
Agaricus ovoideus Bulliard
Agaricus ovum Batsch
Agaricus ozes Fries
Agaricus quercinus Linnaeus
Agaricus quietus Fries
Agaricus quinquepartitus Linnaeus
Agaricus racemosus Persoon
Agaricus radians Desmazières
Agaricus radiatus Bolton
Agaricus radicatus Relhan
Agaricus radicosus Bulliard
Agaricus ramealis Bulliard
Agaricus rancidus Fries
Agaricus raphanoides Persoon
Agaricus rasilis Fries
Agaricus ravenelii Berkeley & M.A. Curtis
Agaricus reae Bon
Agaricus recutitus Fries
Agaricus reductus Fries
Agaricus reniformis G. Meyer
Agaricus rennyi Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus resimus Fries
Agaricus resinaceus Trog
Agaricus resutus Fries
Agaricus reticulatus Persoon
Agaricus retirugus Fries
Agaricus retroflexus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus rhacodes Vittadini
Agaricus rhacodium Berkeley & M.A. Curtis
Agaricus rhodochrous Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus rhodocylix Lasch
Agaricus rhododendri Peck
Agaricus rhodopolius Fries
Agaricus rhodoxanthus Schweinitz
Agaricus rhombisporus Britzelmayr
Agaricus ribis (Schumacher) Dubois
Agaricus riederi Weinmann
Agaricus rigens Persoon
Agaricus rigidus Lasch
Agaricus rimosus Bulliard
Agaricus rimulincola Lasch ex Rabenhorst
Agaricus ringens Fries
Agaricus risigallinus Batsch
Agaricus rivulosus Persoon
Agaricus robustus Albertini & Schweinitz
Agaricus robynsianus Heinemann
Agaricus romellii Britzelmayr
Agaricus roridus Fries
Agaricus rosaceus Persoon
Agaricus rosellus Fries
Agaricus rotula Scopoli
Agaricus rubellus Scopoli
Agaricus rubens Scopoli
Agaricus ruber (Lamarck) DeCandolle
Agaricus rubescens (Persoon) Fries
Agaricus rubi Berkeley
Agaricus rubicundulus Rea
Agaricus rubriceps Cooke & Massee
Agaricus rubromarginatus Fries
Agaricus ruderatis Batsch
Agaricus rufescens J.F. Gmelin
Agaricus rufocarneus Berkeley
Agaricus rufoolivaceus Fries
Agaricus rufotegulis Nauta
Agaricus rufus Scopoli
Agaricus rugosoreticulatum F. Lorinser
Agaricus russula Schaeffer
Agaricus rusticus Fries
Agaricus rutilans Schaeffer
Agaricus rutilus Schaeffer
Agaricus tabescens Scopoli
Agaricus taeniatimpictus E.H.L. Krause
Agaricus tardus Persoon
Agaricus taylorii Berkeley
Agaricus tenacellus Persoon
Agaricus tener Schaeffer
Agaricus teneroides Peck
Agaricus terginus Fries
Agaricus tergiversans Fries
Agaricus terreus Schaeffer
Agaricus terrigenus Fries
Agaricus terryi Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus tesquorum Fries
Agaricus tessulatus Bulliard
Agaricus testudo Berkeley
Agaricus theiogalus Bulliard
Agaricus thomsonii Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus thraustus Kalchbrenner
Agaricus tigrinus Bulliard
Agaricus tintinnabulum Batsch
Agaricus titubans Bulliard
Agaricus togularis Bulliard ex Persoon
Agaricus tomentellus Schumacher
Agaricus torminosus Schaeffer
Agaricus torosus Fries
Agaricus tortilis Bolton
Agaricus torulosus Persoon
Agaricus torvus Fries
Agaricus trabeus Persoon
Agaricus trachodes Berkeley
Agaricus traganus Fries
Agaricus transmutans Peck
Agaricus tremulus Schaeffer
Agaricus trepidus Fries
Agaricus trF. Armillaria Fries
Agaricus trF. Clitocybe Fries
Agaricus trF. Collybia Fries
Agaricus trF. Coprinarius Fries
Agaricus trF. Crepidotus Fries
Agaricus trF. Dermocybe Fries
Agaricus trF. Eccilia Fries
Agaricus trF. Flammula Fries
Agaricus trF. Galera Fries
Agaricus trF. Hebeloma Fries
Agaricus trF. Hypholoma Fries
Agaricus trF. Inocybe Fries
Agaricus trF. Inoloma Fries
Agaricus trF. Leptonia Fries
Agaricus trF. Myxacium Fries
Agaricus trF. Naucoria Fries
Agaricus trF. Nolanea Fries
Agaricus trF. Omphalia Fries
Agaricus trF. Phlegmacium Fries
Agaricus trF. Pholiota Fries
Agaricus trF. Pleurotus Fries
Agaricus trF. Psalliota Fries
Agaricus trF. Psathyra Fries
Agaricus trF. Psilocybe Fries
Agaricus trF. Tapinia Fries
Agaricus trF. Telamonia Fries
Agaricus trF. Tricholoma Fries
Agaricus trF. Volvaria
Agaricus trichialis Léveillé
Agaricus tricholoma Albertini & Schweinitz
Agaricus trichotis Persoon
Agaricus tricolor Albertini & Schweinitz
Agaricus triqueter (Persoon) E.H.L. Krause
Agaricus triscopus Fries
Agaricus tristis Scopoli
Agaricus trivialis Fries
Agaricus trogii Fries
Agaricus trulliformis Fries
Agaricus truncatus Schaeffer
Agaricus truncicola Peck
Agaricus truncorum Scopoli
Agaricus tuba Fries
Agaricus tuber-regium Fries
Agaricus tuberculosus Schaeffer
Agaricus tuberosus Bulliard
Agaricus turbidatus Britzelmayr
Agaricus turbidus Fries
Agaricus turritus Fries
Agaricus turundus Fries
Agaricus tylicolor Fries
Agaricus typhae Kalchbrenner
Agaricus udus Persoon
Agaricus ulmarius Bulliard
Agaricus umbellifer Linnaeus
Agaricus umbilicaris J.F. Gmelin
Agaricus umbonatescens Peck
Agaricus umboninotus Peck
Agaricus umbraculatus Fries
Agaricus umbratilis Fries
Agaricus umbratus Withering
Agaricus umbrosus Persoon
Agaricus umkowaan Cooke & Massee
Agaricus uncialis Britzelmayr
Agaricus undatus Berkeley
Agaricus undulatellus Peck
Agaricus unguicularis Fries
Agaricus unguinosus Fries
Agaricus unicolor Vahl
Agaricus uranius Fries
Agaricus urbicus Fries
Agaricus urens Bulliard
Agaricus ursinus Fries
Agaricus urticicola Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus ustalis Fries
Agaricus uvidus Fries
Agaricus vaccinus Schaeffer
Agaricus vaginatus Bulliard
Agaricus vahlii Schumacher
Agaricus vaillantii (Persoon) Fries
Agaricus valgus Holmskjold
Agaricus vaporariorum Weinmann
Agaricus variabilis Persoon
Agaricus variegans F.H. Møller
Agaricus variicolor Persoon
Agaricus varius Schaeffer
Agaricus vellereus Fries
Agaricus vellus Batsch
Agaricus velutipes Curtis
Agaricus venustissimus Fries
Agaricus verecundus (Fries) Fries
Agaricus vermicularis Fries
Agaricus vermifluus Peck
Agaricus vernalis Bolton
Agaricus vernicosus (Fries) Fries
Agaricus verrucarius Berkeley
Agaricus verrucipes (Fries) Fries
Agaricus verruculosus Lasch
Agaricus versipellis Fries
Agaricus versiporus (Persoon) E.H.L. Krause
Agaricus versutus Peck
Agaricus vertirugis Cooke
Agaricus vervacti Fries
Agaricus vibecinus Fries
Agaricus vibratilis Fries
Agaricus vietus Fries
Agaricus vinaceus Scopoli
Agaricus vinosobrunneus P.D. Orton
Agaricus violaceofulvus Fries
Agaricus violaceus Linnaeus
Agaricus violaceofuscus Cooke & Massee
Agaricus violaceolamellatus DeCandolle
Agaricus violaceocinereus Persoon
Agaricus violascens J. Otto
Agaricus virescens Schaeffer
Agaricus virgatus Fries
Agaricus virgineus Wulfen
Agaricus viridans Fries
Agaricus viridis Withering
Agaricus viriditinctus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus vitellinus Persoon
Agaricus vitellicolor Persoon
Agaricus vitilis Fries
Agaricus vitreus Fries
Agaricus vittadinii Moretti
Agaricus vittiformis Fries
Agaricus vitulinus Persoon
Agaricus volemus Fries
Agaricus volvaceus Bulliard
Agaricus volvatus Peck
Agaricus vulgaris Persoon
Agaricus vulneratus Batsch
Agaricus vulpinus Sowerby
Agaricus watsonii Peck
Agaricus whitei Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus wieslandri Fries
Agaricus worthingtonii Fries
Agaricus xanthocephalus Berkeley
Agaricus xanthopus Fries
Agaricus zephirus Fries
Agaricus zonarius Bulliard
Agaricus zygophyllus Cooke & Massee
Agaricus pachymeres Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus pachyphyllus Fries
Agaricus pacificus Berkeley
Agaricus paleaceus Weinmann
Agaricus pallidus (Persoon) Persoon
Agaricus palmatus Bulliard
Agaricus paludinellus Peck
Agaricus paludosus Fries
Agaricus palustris Peck
Agaricus panaeolus Fries
Agaricus pantherinus DeCandolle
Agaricus panuoides Fries
Agaricus papilionaceus Bulliard
Agaricus papyraceus Persoon
Agaricus parabolicus Fries
Agaricus parasiticus Bulliard ex Persoon
Agaricus parilis Fries
Agaricus parkensis Fries
Agaricus paropsis Fries
Agaricus parvannulatus Lasch
Agaricus parvulus Weinmann
Agaricus pascuus Persoon
Agaricus patricius Schulzer
Agaricus pausiacus Fries
Agaricus pediades Fries
Agaricus pedilius Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus pelianthinus Fries
Agaricus pelletieri Léveillé
Agaricus pelliculosus Schweinitz
Agaricus pellitus Persoon
Agaricus peltigerinus Peck
Agaricus pennatus Fries
Agaricus perbrevis Weinmann
Agaricus percevalii Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus perdicinus Pilát
Agaricus perforans Hoffmann
Agaricus perlatus Cooke
Agaricus permixtus Britzelmayr
Agaricus peronatus Bolton
Agaricus perpendicularis Bulliard
Agaricus perplexus Peck
Agaricus perrarus Schulzer
Agaricus persicolor Fries
Agaricus personatus Fries
Agaricus pertinax Fries
Agaricus pes-caprae Fries
Agaricus pessundatus Fries
Agaricus petaloides Bulliard
Agaricus petasatus Fries
Agaricus petiginosus Fries
Agaricus phaeocomis Persoon
Agaricus phaeophthalmus Persoon
Agaricus phalaenarum Fries
Agaricus phaleratus Fries
Agaricus phalloides Fries
Agaricus phillipsii Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus philonotis Lasch
Agaricus phlebophorus Ditmar
Agaricus phoeniceus Fries
Agaricus pholideus Liljeblad
Agaricus phosphorus Berkeley
Agaricus phylicigenus Berkeley
Agaricus phyllogena Persoon
Agaricus phyllophilus Persoon
Agaricus picaceus Bulliard
Agaricus picreus Persoon
Agaricus pictus Fries
Agaricus pilatianus (Bohus) Bohus
Agaricus pileolarius Bulliard
Agaricus pilipes Sowerby
Agaricus pilosellus Persoon
Agaricus piluliformis Bulliard
Agaricus pithyophilus Secretan ex Fries
Agaricus pityrodes F. Briganti
Agaricus placentodes Berkeley
Agaricus placidus Fries
Agaricus plagiotus Kalchbrenner
Agaricus platensis Spegazzini
Agaricus platyceps Persoon
Agaricus platyphyllus Persoon
Agaricus platypus Nees
Agaricus plautus Weinmann
Agaricus plebeioides Schulzer
Agaricus plebejus Kalchbrenner
Agaricus pleopodius Bulliard ex DeCandolle
Agaricus pleropus Kalchbrenner & MacOwan
Agaricus plexipes Fries
Agaricus plicatellus Peck
Agaricus plicatilis Curtis
Agaricus pluteus Batsch
Agaricus pluvius Fries
Agaricus poculum Peck
Agaricus poderes Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus politus Persoon
Agaricus polius Fries
Agaricus polyadelphus Lasch
Agaricus polygrammus Bulliard
Agaricus polyphemus Cooke & Massee
Agaricus polypyramis Berkeley & M.A. Curtis
Agaricus pometi Fries
Agaricus popinalis Fries
Agaricus populinus Britzelmayr
Agaricus populneus Persoon
Agaricus porphyrophaeus Fries
Agaricus porphyrius (Albertini & Schweinitz) Fries
Agaricus porreus Fries
Agaricus porrigens Persoon
Agaricus portentosus Fries
Agaricus posterulus Britzelmayr
Agaricus postii Fries
Agaricus postumus Britzelmayr
Agaricus praecavendus Britzelmayr
Agaricus praeclaresquamosus A.E. Freeman
Agaricus praecox Persoon
Agaricus praegrandis Berkeley
Agaricus prasinus Schaeffer
Agaricus prasiosmus Fries
Agaricus pratensis Schaeffer
Agaricus praticola (Persoon) J. Otto
Agaricus preissii Fries
Agaricus procerus Scopoli
Agaricus prometheus Berkeley & M.A. Curtis
Agaricus pronus Fries
Agaricus propinquatus Britzelmayr
Agaricus proserpens E.H.L. Krause
Agaricus proteus Kalchbrenner
Agaricus pruinosus Lasch ex Fries
Agaricus prunarii Schulzer
Agaricus prunuloides Fries
Agaricus prunulus Scopoli
Agaricus psammocephalus Bulliard
Agaricus psammopus Kalchbrenner
Agaricus pseudoandrosaceus Bulliard
Agaricus pseudoboletus Jacquin
Agaricus pseudocyaneus Desmazières
Agaricus pseudocretaceus Bon
Agaricus pseudovillaticus Rauschert
Agaricus psittacinus Schaeffer
Agaricus pterigenus Fries
Agaricus pubescentipes Peck
Agaricus pudens (Persoon) Persoon
Agaricus pudicus Bulliard
Agaricus pudorinus Fries
Agaricus pulchellus Cooke & Massee
Agaricus pulmonarius Fries
Agaricus pulverulentus Scopoli
Agaricus pumilus Persoon
Agaricus punicans Britzelmayr
Agaricus punicellus Fries
Agaricus puniceus Fries
Agaricus purpurascens Albertini & Schweinitz
Agaricus purpureus Bulliard ex Persoon
Agaricus purpurellus (F.H. Møller) F.H. Møller
Agaricus purpureofuscus Peck
Agaricus purpureofuligineus (Persoon) Fries
Agaricus purus Persoon
Agaricus pusillus (Persoon) Fries
Agaricus pusiolus Fries
Agaricus pustulatus Persoon
Agaricus putillus Fries
Agaricus putredinus Berkeley & M.A. Curtis
Agaricus pygmaeoaffinis Fries
Agaricus pygmaeus Bulliard
Agaricus pyrotrichus Holmskjold
Agaricus pyrrhus Berkeley & M.A. Curtis
Agaricus pyxidatus Bulliard
Agaricus caelatus Fries
Agaricus caernuloviridis V. Briganti
Agaricus caerulescens Schaeffer
Agaricus caeruleus Bolton
Agaricus caesareus Scopoli
Agaricus calamistratus Fries
Agaricus callisteus Fries
Agaricus calolepis Fries
Agaricus calyptratus Lindblad ex Fries
Agaricus calyptriformis Berkeley
Agaricus camarophyllus Albertini & Schweinitz
Agaricus camerinus Fries
Agaricus campanella Batsch
Agaricus campanulatus Bulliard
Agaricus camphoratus Fries
Agaricus canarii Junghuhn
Agaricus candicans Persoon
Agaricus candidobulbosus J.F. Gmelin
Agaricus candolleanus Fries
Agaricus canescens Batsch
Agaricus cantharellus Schweinitz
Agaricus caperatus Persoon
Agaricus capillaris Schumacher
Agaricus capistratus Cooke
Agaricus capnoides Fries
Agaricus caput-medusae Fries
Agaricus carbonarius Fries
Agaricus carcharias Persoon
Agaricus cardarella Fries
Agaricus carneogriseus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus carneus Bulliard
Agaricus carnosior Peck
Agaricus carolii Pilát
Agaricus carpini (Paulet) Fries
Agaricus carpophilus Fries
Agaricus caryophylleus Schaeffer
Agaricus caryophyllatus Batsch
Agaricus cascus Fries
Agaricus castaneus Bulliard
Agaricus catinus Fries
Agaricus caudicinus Persoon
Agaricus ceciliae Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus centunculus Fries
Agaricus cepistipes Sowerby
Agaricus ceraceus Wulfen
Agaricus ceratopus Persoon
Agaricus cereolus Schaeffer
Agaricus ceres Cooke & Massee
Agaricus cerifer P. Karsten
Agaricus cerinus Persoon
Agaricus cernuus Vahl
Agaricus cerussatus Fries
Agaricus cervicolor Persoon
Agaricus cesatii Rabenhorst
Agaricus cetratus Fries
Agaricus chalybeus Persoon
Agaricus chilensis Montagne
Agaricus chloranthus Fries
Agaricus chlorinosmus Peck
Agaricus chlorocyaneus Patouillard
Agaricus chloroides Krombholz
Agaricus chlorophanus Fries
Agaricus chloropolius Fries
Agaricus chondrodermus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus chrysaegis Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus chrysenteron Bulliard
Agaricus chrysodon Batsch
Agaricus chrysophaeus Schaeffer
Agaricus chrysophyllus Fries
Agaricus cincinnatus Fries
Agaricus cinctulus Bolton
Agaricus cinerellus P. Karsten
Agaricus cinereus Schaeffer
Agaricus cingulatus Almfelt
Agaricus cinnabarinus Schweinitz
Agaricus cinnamomeus Linnaeus
Agaricus circumseptus Batsch
Agaricus cirrhatus Schumacher
Agaricus citri Inzenga
Agaricus citricolor Berkeley & M.A. Curtis
Agaricus citrinoalbus Vittadini
Agaricus citrinus Schaeffer
Agaricus clandestinus Fries
Agaricus clarkii Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus claviceps Fries
Agaricus clavicularis Fries
Agaricus clavipes Persoon
Agaricus clavularis Batsch
Agaricus clintonianus Peck
Agaricus clivensis Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus clypeatus Linnaeus
Agaricus clypeolarius Bulliard
Agaricus coccineus Schaeffer
Agaricus cochleatus Persoon
Agaricus cocles Fries
Agaricus coelestinus Fries
Agaricus cohaerens Persoon
Agaricus collinitus Sowerby
Agaricus collinus Scopoli
Agaricus colossus Fries
Agaricus colubrinus var. cristatus (Bolton) Persoon
Agaricus columbarius Bulliard
Agaricus columbetta Fries
Agaricus comatus O.F. Müller
Agaricus comitialis Persoon
Agaricus comosus Fries
Agaricus concavus Scopoli
Agaricus conchatus Bulliard
Agaricus concolor Delile ex De Seynes
Agaricus conferendus Britzelmayr
Agaricus confluens Persoon
Agaricus confoederans Britzelmayr
Agaricus confragosus Fries
Agaricus conglobatus Vittadini
Agaricus congolensis Beeli
Agaricus congregatus Bulliard
Agaricus conicus Schaeffer
Agaricus conigenus Persoon
Agaricus conissans Fries
Agaricus connatus Schumacher
Agaricus conopilus Fries
Agaricus consobrinus Fries
Agaricus conspersus Persoon
Agaricus constrictus Fries
Agaricus contiguus Bulliard
Agaricus contortus Bulliard
Agaricus contortilis J.F. Gmelin
Agaricus controversus (Persoon) Persoon
Agaricus cookeanus Bon
Agaricus coprophilus Bulliard
Agaricus copulatus Ehrenberg
Agaricus coracinus Fries
Agaricus corbariensis Roumeguère
Agaricus corneipes Fries
Agaricus cornucopioides Bolton
Agaricus coronilla Bulliard
Agaricus corrugis Persoon
Agaricus corydalinus (Quélet) Patouillard
Agaricus cossus Sowerby
Agaricus craspedius Fries
Agaricus craterellus Durieu & Léveillé
Agaricus cretaceus Bulliard
Agaricus cretatus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus crinitus Linnaeus
Agaricus crispus Batsch
Agaricus cristatus Bolton
Agaricus crobulus Fries
Agaricus crocatus Schrader
Agaricus croceocaeruleus Persoon
Agaricus croceus Schaeffer
Agaricus crocophyllus Berkeley
Agaricus crustuliniformis Bulliard
Agaricus cucullatus Persoon
Agaricus cucumis Persoon
Agaricus cuneifolius Fries
Agaricus cupreus Schulzer
Agaricus curreyi Berkeley
Agaricus curtisii Berkeley
Agaricus curvipes Persoon
Agaricus cyanophyllus Fries
Agaricus cyanoxanthus Schaeffer
Agaricus cyanulus Lasch
Agaricus cyathiformis Bulliard & Ventenat
Agaricus cylindricus Schaeffer
Agaricus cylindraceus DeCandolle
Agaricus cyphelliformis Berkeley
Agaricus cyprinus Batsch
Agaricus abhorrens Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus abietinus Bulliard
Agaricus abscondens Peck
Agaricus absinthiatus Lasch
Agaricus absistens Britzelmayr
Agaricus abstrusus Fries
Agaricus abundans Peck
Agaricus acerbus Bulliard
Agaricus acerosus Fries
Agaricus acervatus Fries
Agaricus acheruntius Humboldt
Agaricus acicula Schaeffer
Agaricus acris Bolton
Agaricus acutesquamosus Weinmann
Agaricus acutus Persoon
Agaricus adaequatus Britzelmayr
Agaricus adhaerens Albertini & Schweinitz
Agaricus adiposus Batsch
Agaricus adirondackensis Peck
Agaricus admissus Britzelmayr
Agaricus adonis Bulliard
Agaricus adstringens Persoon
Agaricus adustus Persoon
Agaricus aegerita V. Briganti
Agaricus aequivocus (Holmskjold) E.H.L. Krause
Agaricus aeruginosus Curtis
Agaricus aestivalis Schumacher
Agaricus aestriplex (E.H.L. Krause) E.H.L. Krause
Agaricus aestuans Fries
Agaricus aethiops Scopoli
Agaricus aetites Fries
Agaricus affinis Persoon
Agaricus agardhii N. Lund
Agaricus agathosmus Fries
Agaricus agglutinatus Berkeley & M.A. Curtis
Agaricus aggregatus Schaeffer
Agaricus albellus Scopoli
Agaricus albertii Bon
Agaricus albidoincarnatus Britzelmayr
Agaricus albidulus Britzelmayr
Agaricus albobrunneus Persoon
Agaricus albocrenulatus Peck
Agaricus albocyaneus Fries
Agaricus alboniger Krombholz
Agaricus albonitens Fries
Agaricus albosanguineus Hotson & D.E. Stuntz
Agaricus alboviolaceus Persoon
Agaricus albus Schaeffer
Agaricus alcalinus Fries
Agaricus alectorolophoides Schaeffer
Agaricus aleuriatus Fries
Agaricus alienellus Britzelmayr
Agaricus alliaceus Jacquin
Agaricus allochrous Persoon
Agaricus alneus Linnaeus
Agaricus alnicola Fries
Agaricus alphitophorus Berkeley
Agaricus alpinus Britzelmayr
Agaricus alterabilis J.F. Gmelin
Agaricus alutaceus (Persoon) Persoon
Agaricus amadelphus Bulliard & Ventenat
Agaricus amanitae Batsch
Agaricus ambustus (Fries) Fries
Agaricus ameides Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus americanus Peck
Agaricus amianthinus Scopoli
Agaricus amictus Fries
Agaricus amicus Fries
Agaricus ammophilus Durieu & Léveillé
Agaricus amygdalinus Persoon
Agaricus ananiceps Berkeley
Agaricus anatinus Lasch
Agaricus androsaceus Linnaeus
Agaricus angustissimus Lasch
Agaricus anisatus Persoon
Agaricus anomalus Fries
Agaricus anomologus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus anthocephalus Léveillé
Agaricus anthracophilus Lasch
Agaricus anthracinus Fries
Agaricus antillarum Fries
Agaricus antipus Lasch
Agaricus antiquatus Batsch
Agaricus antiquus Willdenow
Agaricus apalus Fries
Agaricus apicreus Fries
Agaricus apiculatus Fries
Agaricus appendiculatus Bulliard
Agaricus applanatus Persoon
Agaricus applicatus Batsch
Agaricus aprilis Britzelmayr
Agaricus aquatilis (Fries) Fries
Agaricus aquosus Bulliard
Agaricus archyropus Persoon
Agaricus arenarius DeCandolle
Agaricus argentatus Persoon
Agaricus argillaceus Persoon
Agaricus argyraceus Bulliard
Agaricus armeniacus Schaeffer
Agaricus armillatus Fries
Agaricus arrhenii Fries
Agaricus artemisiae Passerini
Agaricus arvalis Fries
Agaricus asemus (Fries) Fries
Agaricus asper Persoon
Agaricus aspideus Fries
Agaricus asprellus Fries
Agaricus asserculorum Batsch
Agaricus astragalinus Fries
Agaricus astroideus Fries
Agaricus atomatoides Peck
Agaricus atramentarius Bulliard
Agaricus atratus Fries
Agaricus atrides Lasch
Agaricus atrocinereus Persoon
Agaricus atrocoeruleus Fries
Agaricus atropunctus Persoon
Agaricus atropurpureus Krombholz
Agaricus atrorufus Schaeffer
Agaricus atrotomentosus Batsch
Agaricus attenuatus DeCandolle
Agaricus augeanus Montagne
Agaricus aulaxinus Montagne
Agaricus aurantius Schaeffer
Agaricus aurantiomarginatus Fries
Agaricus aurantiorugosus Trog
Agaricus aureocitrinus Krombholz
Agaricus aureolus Kalchbrenner
Agaricus aureus Bulliard
Agaricus auricomus Batsch
Agaricus auricula (Dubois) DeCandolle
Agaricus aurivellus Batsch
Agaricus aurivenius Batsch
Agaricus avenaceus Fries
Agaricus azonites Bulliard
Agaricus macmurphyi Murrill
Agaricus macrocephalus Berkeley
Agaricus macrorhizus Persoon
Agaricus macrosporus Montagne
Agaricus maculatus Albertini & Schweinitz
Agaricus maculosus Persoon
Agaricus magnificus Fries
Agaricus magnivelaris Peck
Agaricus malachius Fries
Agaricus mammillatus Schulzer ex Kalchbrenner
Agaricus mammosus Linnaeus
Agaricus manicatus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus marcescibilis Britzelmayr
Agaricus margaritispora Berkeley
Agaricus marginatus Batsch
Agaricus marginellus Persoon
Agaricus markii Trattori
Agaricus maskae Pilát
Agaricus mastoideus Fries
Agaricus mastrucatus Fries
Agaricus maurus Fries
Agaricus mediofuscus (F.H. Møller) Pilát
Agaricus medius Schumacher
Agaricus medullatus Fries
Agaricus megalodactylus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus melaleucus Persoon
Agaricus melanospermus Bulliard
Agaricus meliigena Berkeley & Cooke
Agaricus melleus Vahl
Agaricus mephiticus Fries
Agaricus merdarius Fries
Agaricus mesophaeus (Persoon) Fries
Agaricus metachrous Fries
Agaricus metapodius Fries
Agaricus metatus Fries
Agaricus metulisporus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus micaceus Bulliard
Agaricus microcarpus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus microphyllus Corda
Agaricus microrhizus Lasch
Agaricus microsporus Berkeley
Agaricus miniatus Fries
Agaricus minutus J.F. Gmelin
Agaricus miratus Peck
Agaricus miser Fries
Agaricus mitis Persoon
Agaricus mitissimus Fries
Agaricus mixtilis Britzelmayr
Agaricus mixtus Fries
Agaricus mniophilus Lasch
Agaricus molestus Lasch
Agaricus molliculus Britzelmayr
Agaricus mollis Schaeffer
Agaricus molliscorium Cooke & Massee
Agaricus molybdites G. Meyer
Agaricus monadelphus Morgan
Agaricus montanus Persoon
Agaricus moricola Fries
Agaricus moschatus J.F. Gmelin
Agaricus moselei Berkeley
Agaricus mougeotii Fries
Agaricus moulinsii Brondeau
Agaricus mucidus Schrader
Agaricus mucor Batsch
Agaricus mundulus Lasch
Agaricus murcidus Fries
Agaricus muricatus Fries
Agaricus murinus Batsch
Agaricus muscarius Linnaeus
Agaricus mussivus Fries
Agaricus mustialaensis P. Karsten
Agaricus mutabilis Schaeffer
Agaricus muticus Fries
Agaricus mutilus Fries
Agaricus mycenopsis Fries
Agaricus myodes Schaeffer
Agaricus myomyces Persoon
Agaricus myosotis Fries
Agaricus myosurus Fries
Agaricus myriadophyllus Peck
Agaricus myriostictus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus myxodictyon Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus saccharifer Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus saccharinus Batsch
Agaricus saginus Fries
Agaricus sainsonii Léveillé
Agaricus sajor-caju Fries
Agaricus salicinus Persoon
Agaricus salignus Persoon
Agaricus sambucinus Fries
Agaricus sandicinus (Fries) Fries
Agaricus sanguilentus Britzelmayr
Agaricus sanguinarius Schumacher
Agaricus sanguineus Wulfen
Agaricus saniosus Fries
Agaricus sapineus Fries
Agaricus saponaceus Fries
Agaricus sarcitus Fries
Agaricus sarcocephalus Fries
Agaricus sarcophyllus Peck
Agaricus sardellus Fries
Agaricus saturninus Fries
Agaricus saundersii Fries
Agaricus scabellus Albertini & Schweinitz
Agaricus scabiosus Fries
Agaricus scabriusculus Berkeley
Agaricus scabrosus Fries
Agaricus scambus Fries
Agaricus scaurus Fries
Agaricus schaefferi Fries
Agaricus schistus Cooke & W.G. Smith
Agaricus schumacheri Fries
Agaricus sciadium Kalchbrenner & MacOwan
Agaricus scleropus Persoon
Agaricus scolecinus Fries
Agaricus scorodonius Fries
Agaricus scrobiculatus Scopoli
Agaricus scruposus Fries
Agaricus scutulatus Fries
Agaricus scyphiformis Fries
Agaricus scyphoides Fries
Agaricus sect. Androsaceus Persoon
Agaricus sect. Cortinaria Pers.
Agaricus sect. Lepiota Persoon
Agaricus sect. Lactifluus Persoon
Agaricus sect. Mycena Persoon
Agaricus sejunctus Sowerby
Agaricus semibulbosus Lasch ex Fries
Agaricus semiglobatus Batsch
Agaricus semiglobosus Fries
Agaricus semilanceatus Fries
Agaricus seminudus Lasch
Agaricus semiorbicularis Bulliard
Agaricus semiovatus Sowerby
Agaricus semitalis Fries
Agaricus semivestitus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus separatus Linnaeus
Agaricus sepiarius Wulfen
Agaricus sepius Noulet & Dassier de la Chassagne
Agaricus ser. Derminus Fries
Agaricus serenus Fries
Agaricus sericatus Britzelmayr
Agaricus sericellus (Fries) Fries
Agaricus serifluus DeCandolle
Agaricus serotinus Persoon
Agaricus serpens (Fries) E.H.L. Krause
Agaricus serpentiformis Batsch
Agaricus serrulatus Fries
Agaricus servatus Britzelmayr
Agaricus setosus Sowerby
Agaricus sideroides Bulliard
Agaricus siennophyllus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus siligineus Fries
Agaricus silvanus Saccardo
Agaricus simillimus Peck
Agaricus sinapizans (Paulet) Fries
Agaricus sindonius Fries
Agaricus sinopicus Fries
Agaricus sinuatus Bulliard ex Persoon
Agaricus sinuosus Fries
Agaricus siparius Fries
Agaricus sobrius (Fries) Fries
Agaricus solitarius Bulliard
Agaricus soloniensis Dubois
Agaricus sordidus Schumacher
Agaricus sororiatus P. Karsten
Agaricus spadiceus Scopoli
Agaricus spadiceogriseus Schaeffer
Agaricus spathulatus Persoon
Agaricus speciosus (Fries) Fries
Agaricus spectabilis Weinmann
Agaricus speculum Fries
Agaricus speireus Fries
Agaricus sphagnicola Berkeley
Agaricus sphagnorum (Persoon) Lasch
Agaricus sphaleromorphus Bulliard ex Persoon
Agaricus sphinctrinus Fries
Agaricus spiculus Lasch
Agaricus spilomeus Fries
Agaricus spintriger Fries
Agaricus spissicaulis F.H. Møller
Agaricus spissus Fries
Agaricus splachnoides Hornemann
Agaricus splendens Persoon
Agaricus spoliatus Fries
Agaricus spongodes Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus spumosus Fries
Agaricus squamosus Persoon
Agaricus squamulifer (F.H. Møller) Pilát
Agaricus squamulosus Persoon
Agaricus squarrosoides Peck
Agaricus stabilis Weinmann
Agaricus stagninus Fries
Agaricus stans Fries
Agaricus statuum Spegazzini
Agaricus stellatosporus Peck
Agaricus stercorarius Schumacher
Agaricus stereopus Persoon
Agaricus sterilis Junghuhn
Agaricus sterquilinus Fries
Agaricus stiparophyllus N. Lund
Agaricus stipatus Persoon
Agaricus stipitarius Fries
Agaricus stipticus Bulliard
Agaricus straminellus Baglietto
Agaricus striatulus Persoon
Agaricus stridulus Fries
Agaricus strigiceps Fries
Agaricus strigopus Persoon
Agaricus striipes Cooke
Agaricus striipileus Fries
Agaricus strobiliformis Paulet ex Vittadini
Agaricus strobilinus Persoon
Agaricus strobilacea Cooke
Agaricus strophosus Fries
Agaricus stylobates Persoon
Agaricus suaveolens Schumacher
Agaricus subaequalis Britzelmayr
Agaricus subalutaceus Batsch
Agaricus subannulatus Batsch
Agaricus subatratus Batsch
Agaricus subbalteatus Berkeley & Broome
Agaricus subcantharellus Sowerby
Agaricus subcarneus Batsch
Agaricus subcoprophilus Britzelmayr
Agaricus subcoriaceus Batsch
Agaricus subcorneus Batsch
Agaricus subcyaneus Batsch
Agaricus subdivF. Galorrheus Fries
Agaricus subdulcis Persoon
Agaricus subericaeus Fries
Agaricus subferrugineus Batsch
Agaricus subgen. Chitonia Fries
Agaricus subgen. Melanophyllum (Velenovský) Pilát
Agaricus subgen. Hiatula Fries
Agaricus subgen. Panaeolus Fries
Agaricus subgen. Gomphus Fries
Agaricus subgen. Chamaeota W.G. Smith
Agaricus subgen. Clitopilus Fries ex Rabenhorst
Agaricus subgen. Clypeus Britzelmayr
Agaricus subgen. Deconica W.G. Smith
Agaricus subgen. Pluteolus Fries
Agaricus subgen. Stropharia Fries
Agaricus subgen. Tubaria W.G. Smith
Agaricus subgranulatus Batsch
Agaricus subinvolutus Batsch
Agaricus subpalmatus Fries
Agaricus subpulverulentus Persoon
Agaricus subpurpurascens Batsch
Agaricus subradiatus Schumacher
Agaricus subsect. Homophron Britzelmayr
Agaricus subsquarrosus Fries
Agaricus substramineus Courtecuisse
Agaricus subtestaceus Batsch
Agaricus subtortus Persoon
Agaricus subviscidus (Persoon) J. Otto
Agaricus sudus Fries
Agaricus suffrutescens Brotero
Agaricus sulcatipes Peck
Agaricus sulphureus Bulliard
Agaricus sulphureoides Peck
Agaricus swartzii Fries


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