Flowering Plants Visited by Augochlora purus purus in Illinois

Augochlora purus purus Say: Halictidae (Halictinae), Hymenoptera
(observations are from Robertson, Graenicher, Moure & Hurd, Mitchell, Anderson & Hill, Mehrhoff, Wyatt & Hellwig, Schemske et al., Cane et al., Steury et al., Smith et al., Grundel et al.; this bee is also referred to as Augochlora pura pura)

Anacardiaceae: Rhus copallina [unsp] (Gnd); Apiaceae: Chaerophyllum procumbens sn (Rb), Cicuta maculata sn (Rb), Cryptotaenia canadensis sn fq (Rb), Osmorhiza longistylis sn (Rb), Taenidia integerrima sn (Rb), Thaspium trifoliatum flavum sn (Rb), Zizia aurea sn (Rb); Apocynaceae: Apocynum cannabinum [plup sn] (Gnd); Asclepiadaceae: Asclepias sullivanti [plab sn] (Rb), Asclepias tuberosa [plup sn] (Gnd); Asteraceae: Arnoglossum muhlenbergii sn fq (Rb), Aster spp. (Gnd), Aster anomalus sn (Rb), Aster dumosus (Gnd), Aster ericoides (Gnd), Aster furcatus sn (Gr), Aster lanceolatus sn (Gr), Aster lateriflorus sn (Rb, Gr), Aster oolentangiensis (Gnd), Aster patens (SDO), Aster pilosus sn (Rb, SDO, Gnd), Aster sagittifolius sn (Rb), Bidens aristosa sn (Rb), Coreopsis lanceolata (Gnd), Coreopsis tripteris (Gnd), Doellingeria umbellata (Gnd), Euthamia graminifolia (Gnd), Euthamia gymnospermoides (Gnd), Helianthus divaricatus fq (Gnd), Helianthus occidentalis (Gnd), Heliopsis helianthoides (Mch), Hieracium gronovii (Gnd), Ionactis linariifolius (Gnd), Krigia biflora (Gnd), Liatris aspera (Gnd), Rudbeckia hirta (Gnd), Rudbeckia triloba sn cp (Rb), Solidago spp. fq (Gnd), Solidago bicolor (SDO), Solidago caesia (Gnd), Solidago canadensis (Gnd), Solidago rugosa (Gnd), Solidago simplex racemosa (SDO), Solidago speciosa (Gnd), Taraxacum officinale (Gnd), Verbesina helianthoides sn (Rb); Berberidaceae: Caulphyllum thalictroides sn (Rb); Brassicaceae: Arabis laevigata sn (Rb), Arabis shortii sn fq (Rb); Campanulaceae: Campanulastrum americanum (Gnd); Caprifoliaceae: Symphoricarpos orbiculatus sn fq (Rb); Celastraceae: Euonymus atropurpureus sn (Rb); Commelinaceae: Tradescantia ohiensis cp (Gnd), Tradescantia subaspera cp (Rb); Cornaceae: Cornus florida sn cp (Rb); Ebenaceae: Diospyros virginiana [pist sn np] (Rb); Ericaceae: Gaylussacia baccata (Gnd), Vaccinium stamineum (Cn); Euphorbiaceae: Euphorbia corollata (Gnd); Fabaceae: Cercis canadensis sn (Rb), Trifolium hybridum (Gnd); Geraniaceae: Geranium maculatum (Gnd); Hamamelidaceae: Hamamelis virginiana (AH); Hydrangeaceae: Hydrangea arborescens sn cp (Rb); Lamiaceae: Agastache nepetoides sn np (Rb), Blephilia hirsuta sn (Rb), Monarda fistulosa cp np (Re), Monarda punctata np (Gnd), Teucrium canadense sn np (Rb); Liliaceae: Camassia scilloides (MH), Smilacina racemosa cp (Rb), Smilacina stellata sn cp (Rb); Lythraceae: Lythrum salicaria (Gnd); Malvaceae: Malva neglecta sn (Rb); Onagraceae: Ludwigia alternifolia sn (Rb); Orchidaceae: Isotria verticillata exp (Mhr); Polemoniaceae: Polemonium reptans sn cp fq (Rb); Portulacaceae: Claytonia virginica (Gnd); Ranunculaceae: Enemion biternatum cp/exp (Rb, Shm), Ranunculus septentrionalis sn (Rb); Rhamnaceae: Ceanothus americanus (MH), Rhamnus lanceolata sn cp (Rb); Rosaceae: Aruncus dioicus [pist sn] (Rb), Fragaria virginiana sn cp (Rb), Prunus angustifolia (Smh), Rubus hispidus fq (Gnd), Spiraea alba (Gnd); Rubiaceae: Cephalanthus occidentalis (SDO), Houstonia caerulea (WH); Salicaceae: Salix amygdaloides [stam sn] [pist sn] (Rb), Salix interior [stam sn] (Rb), Salix rigida [pist sn] (Rb); Santalaceae: Comandra umbellata (Gnd); Saururaceae: Saururus cernuus (Gnd); Scrophulariaceae: Aureolaria flava (Gnd), Aureolaria pedicularia (Gnd); Thymelaeaceae: Dirca palustris sn (Rb); Verbenaceae: Phyla lanceolata sn (Rb), Verbena urticifolia sn (Rb); Vitaceae: Ampelopsis arborea (Smh)


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