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Barcode data: Tithorea harmonia

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There are 7 barcode sequences available from BOLD and GenBank.

Below is a sequence of the barcode region Cytochrome oxidase subunit 1 (COI or COX1) from a member of the species.

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Statistics of barcoding coverage: Tithorea harmonia

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Public Records: 7
Specimens with Barcodes: 14
Species With Barcodes: 1
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Tithorea harmonia

The Harmonia Tiger-wing or Harmonia Tiger[2] (Tithorea harmonia) is a species of butterflies belonging to the Nymphalidae family.


Tithorea harmonia has a wingspan reaching about 70 millimetres (2.8 in). This toxic "tiger" butterfly has the usual pattern of black wings with bright orange bands. The forewings have a black tip. Also the antennae are orange. Larvae feed on Prestonia species.[3]


This widespread species can be found from Mexico to South America.


T. h. hermias
Tithorea harmonia in Adalbert Seitz

Listed alphabetically.[1]

  • T. h. brunnea Haensch, 1905 (Peru)
  • T. h. caissara (Zikán, 1941) (Brazil)
  • T. h. cuparina Bates, 1862 (Brazil)
  • T. h. dorada Brown, 1977 (Venezuela)
  • T. h. egaensis Butler, 1873 (Brazil)
  • T. h. flacilla Godman & Salvin, 1898 (Colombia)
  • T. h. furia Staudinger, 1884 (Ecuador - Venezuela)
  • T. h. furina Godman & Salvin, 1898 (Colombia)
  • T. h. gilberti Brown, 1977 (Peru)
  • T. h. harmonia (Surinam, Venezuela, French Guiana)
  • T. h. helicaon Godman & Salvin, 1879 (Nicaragua - Panama, Costa Rica)
  • T. h. hermias Godman & Salvin, 1898 (Ecuador, Amazon)
  • T. h. hermina Haensch, 1903 (Ecuador)
  • T. h. hippothous Godman & Salvin, 1879 (Guatemala)
  • T. h. irene (Drury, 1782) (Panama)
  • T. h. lateflava (Haensch, 1909) (Bolivia)
  • T. h. manabiana Fox, 1956 (Ecuador)
  • T. h. martina Fox, 1956 (Peru)
  • T. h. megara (Godart, 1819) (Trinidad)
  • T. h. melanina Haensch, 1905 (Peru)
  • T. h. neitha Hopffer, 1874 (Peru)
  • T. h. pseudethra Butler, 1873 (Brazil)
  • T. h. pseudonyma Staudinger, 1894 (Bolivia)
  • T. h. salvadoris Staudinger, 1885 (El Salvador)
  • T. h. sulphurata (Zikán, 1941) (Brazil)


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