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Megacerops hatcheri, now classified as Megacerops coloradensis, was a large species from the family Brontotheriidae. It was about the size of a small elephant. It belongs to a group of mammals called Perissodactyls, or odd-toed ungulates. Rhinos, horses and tapirs all belong to this group. The specimen initially classified as M. hatcheri was found in the Chadron Formation (White River Badlands) in South Dakota by Osborn and described in 1908. It dates to the Late Eocene (38-33.9mya) (Osborn 1908). Superficially, it resembled an enormous rhino, but with pronged horns on its snout. Unlike the horn of a rhino which is made up of the protein keratin, like human hair or nails, the horns of brontotheres were made of bone, like those of a giraffe. These animals lived in the sub-tropical forested environments of North America. 


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