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Perennial herbs (our spp.). Leaves opposite, very rough to the touch (in ours).Capitula terminal, solitary or in lax racemes, sometimes axillary, radiate, yellow, white, lilac or purple. Phyllaries 2-3-seriate. Receptacular scales clasping the florets, narrowly oblong to obovate. Achenes obovoid, bilaterally flattened, pubescent. Pappus a laciniate cupule, often with 2 barbellate setae in addition.
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Source: Flora of Zimbabwe


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Aspilia is a genus of flowering plants in the daisy family. Historically, Aspilia africana has been used in Mbaise and most Igbo speaking parts of Nigeria to prevent conception suggesting potential contraceptive and anti-fertility properties.[1] Leaf extract and fractions of A. africana effectively arrested bleeding from fresh wounds, inhibited microbial growth of known wound contaminants and accelerated wound healing process.[2] Aspilia is thought to be used as herbal medicine by some chimpanzees.[3][4]

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