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 Stenella coeruleoalba is a toothed whale and can be recognised as such by the single blowhole and the presence of teeth (rather than baleen). It is a member of the dolphin family with a characteristic prominent median notch in the flukes, a smooth crease-less throat and sharply pointed teeth. The striped dolphin reaches up to 2.6 m in length. It has long and slender flippers and small tail flukes. The dorsal fin is tall and narrow-based and located on the middle of the back. The head is smoothly sloping with a distinct snout. It has a complex colour pattern, with shades of black to dark grey on the back changing sharply to light grey on the sides and white underneath. It has a prominent black stripe that runs from the eye to the anus, and usually other shorter black stripes originating at the eye.Striped dolphins are usually found in large pods of up to 500 individuals. Mixed schools with other species have been recorded. Their surface behaviour is typical of dolphins with leaps and bow-riding a common sight. Dives may last up to 20 minutes long (Kinze, 2002).


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