Historic Range:
Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica


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Conservation Status

Current Listing Status Summary

Status: Endangered
Date Listed: 06/14/1976
Lead Region: Foreign (Region 10) 
Where Listed: Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica

Population detail:

Population location: Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica
Listing status: E

For most current information and documents related to the conservation status and management of Puma concolor costaricensis, see its USFWS Species Profile


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Costa Rican cougar

The Costa Rican Cougar (Puma concolor costaricensis)[1] is a subspecies of cougar. It is listed as least concern by the IUCN.[2] This felid usually hunts at night and may sometimes travel long distances in search of food. Its average litter size is 3 cubs. The animal has a solid tan-colored coat without spots. This particular subspecies ranks as the second largest cat in Costa Rica and can be found in various places and habitats. They weigh 25–80 kg.[3] Like other cougars, it is amazingly fast, and can maneuver quite easily and skillfully. Even though conservation efforts of the Costa Rican Cougar have decreased against the "more appealing" jaguar, it is hunted less frequently because it has no spots, and is thus less desirable to hunters.[1]


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