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Vulnerable (VU)

Trophic Strategy

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Food Habits

Tarsius tarsier is both insectivorous and carnivorous, although there is much variation in diet between individuals. Its diet can consist of ants, beetles, cockroaches, scorpions, lizards, bats, snakes, birds, small mammals and others. It drinks several times each night by lapping up water with its tongue. Tarsius tarsier often uses its long fingers as a cage to trap its insect prey. It catches its other prey by leaping at it, pinning it to the ground, and then killing it with a few bites. It then takes its prey up to a perch and eats it head first. Tarsius tarsier eats almost all parts of its prey, even feathers, beaks, and feet. (Macdonald, 1987; Kavanagh, 1983)

Animal Foods: birds; mammals; reptiles; insects; terrestrial non-insect arthropods

Primary Diet: carnivore (Insectivore )


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