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Dorylus (Anomma) kohli variety chapini HNS , new variety

This is a very distinct form, represented by a series of two dozen workers from Stanleyville (Lang and Chapin), without further data. They measure 1.5 to 6 mm. in length. The largest specimens are probably not the maxima forms as they have a preapical mandibular tooth.

The body is only slightly shining and very similar in sculpture to the preceding variety except that the punctures are coarser, sharper and piligerous. They are evenly distributed over the dorsal surface of the head and pronotum, similar but smaller and shallower on the epinotum and gaster, and very indistinct or absent on the petiole. Mandibles and legs smooth and shining. The head, pro- and mesonotum, gaster, scapes, and legs are covered with short, subappressed, yellow hairs arising from the punctures and forming a conspicuous, rather abundant, coarse pubescence. The body is brownish ferruginous, the head slightly darker, and appendages paler, the mandibles blackish. The head is scarcely longer than broad in front, the sides very feebly convex and converging to the posterior border, which is only slightly excised and about four-fifths as long as the anterior border. The petiole is as broad as long. The smaller workers closely resemble the larger, except that the head is a little longer and the color paler.


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