Data about <i>Canis lupus occidentalis</i>

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Data about <i>Canis lupus occidentalis</i>
Additional detail river valley
  • river valley
    A valley that contains, and has been formed by, a river.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail national park
  • national park
    A reserve of land, usually, but not always declared and owned by a national government, protected from most human development and pollution. National parks are a protected area of IUCN category II.
Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail carcass Environments - EOL project  
Additional detail river
  • river
    Natural freshwater surface streams of considerable volume and a permanent or seasonal flow, moving in a definite channel toward a sea, lake, or another river; any large streams, or ones larger than brooks or creeks, such as the trunk stream and larger branches of a drainage system.
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Additional detail land bridge
  • land bridge
    An isthmus or other land connection between what at other times are separate land masses which allows animals and plants to cross and colonise new lands. Land bridges are commonly created by regression, in which sea levels fall exposing previously submerged sections of continental shelf. Land bridges are also formed by: (a) upthrust at the edge of continental plates; and (b) glacial retreat alleviating pressure on shallow marine formations.
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Additional detail lake
  • lake
    A body of water or other liquid of considerable size contained on a body of land.
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