Historic Range:
Iran, Pakistan


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Conservation Status

Current Listing Status Summary

Status: Endangered
Date Listed: 05/16/1986
Lead Region: Foreign (Region 10) 
Where Listed: Entire

Population detail:

Population location: Entire
Listing status: E

For most current information and documents related to the conservation status and management of Ursus thibetanus gedrosianus , see its USFWS Species Profile


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Baluchistan bear

The Baluchistan Bear, also called the Pakistan Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus gedrosianus) is a subspecies of the Asian Black Bear found in the Baluchistan Mountains of southern Pakistan and Iran. It has an unusually thin coat for an Asian black bear, but this is because it is found in a warmer climate than most of the other subspecies, which are found in the much colder Himalayan Mountains. It is also more frugivorous than the other subspecies, and it loves to eat figs and bananas.

Overall it is also smaller than the other subspecies and is more variental, and may be from reddish-orange to deep black. Another characteristic noticed in the Baluchistan bear is that it has a darker chest patch than the other subspecies, and that has a more thin head but still has the flanks branching from its head.


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