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Pardosa hyperborea is the only representative of the Pardosa saltuaria group in Canada (Dondale & Redner, 1987). Carapace (dorsal portion of the head region or cephalothorax) narrow, light brown, with two longitudinal dark brown stripes that go from the posterior end just to the anteiror eye row, clypeus (portion between anterior eye row and border of carapace) same color as sides; longitudinal dorsal mid line light brown, less conspicuous near postero-median eyes. Mouthparts: Chelicerae yellowish, darker in the apex; labium and endites same color as chelicerae. Sternum (plate between legs) dusky with a medial lighter patch. Coxae (1st leg segment) and femora (3rd leg segment) light brown; patella (4th leg segment), tibia (5th leg segment), metatarsi (7th leg segment) and tarsi (8th leg segment) darker, tibia with three inconspicuous lighter rings. Abdomen dark brown with a longitudinal medial light band bordered by a non continuous black line on each side, venter of abdomen lighter. Males and Females are similar in coloration and size but males are usually smaller; length ranges between 4.5 to 5.5mm. Male palp (see additional picture, articulated appendages anterior to 1st pair of legs): Terminal apophysis (ta in image) big, longer than wide, median apophysis (ma in image) small, with two projections, anterior projection short, posterior projections straight, directed backward, prominent. Female epigynum (see additional picture, located in the anterior ventral side of the abdomen): Two well separated anterior hoods (h in image), median septum (s in image) large, prominent and flat, lateral plates (lp in image) angular, laying below septum.


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