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Surdisorex polulus is a Vulnerable species of Mole Shrews that occurs only in the East African montane moorlands, an ecoregion with acidic soils occurring above 3000 metres in elevation in equatorial Africa. The climate is harsh, with frost occurring nightly and hot, high solar intensity daytime temperatures.

There are a number of endemic species to the montane moorlands that are associates of S. polulus.

There are a number of endemic small mammals to the East African montane moorlands. One endemic mammal to the ecoregion is the Mount Kenya Mole Shrew (Surdisorex polulus), which is found only at the higher elevations of Mount Kenya; moreover, this rodent is classified as a Vulnerable species. Another endemic mammal is the Aberdare Mole Shrew (Surdisorex norae), which is known only to the higher elevations of the Aberdare Mountain Range in Kenya. The King Mole Rat (Tachyoryctes rex) is another endemic rodent that is known only to the higher elevations of Mount Kenya within the ecoregion. The Vulnerable East African Highland Shrew (Crocidura allex) is a near endemic to the ecoregion, that is also found in upper elevation portions of the adjacent East African montane forests ecoregion. Another imputed endemic mammal is Peter's Musk Shrew (Crocidura gracilipes) - See more at:


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