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Like other cockatoos, the salmon-crested cockatoo is a sociable species, which can be found in flocks of up to 16 birds during the non-breeding season, although it is thought that flocks may have been much larger before numbers became so depleted (4). The exact breeding season in the wild is unknown, but nesting activity has been observed in May, July and August, (6), when birds are usually seen singly or in pairs (4). Nests are constructed in large trees, with one found in a tree-trunk hole 25 meters above the ground (4) (6). Clutch size in captivity is one to three, usually two, eggs, which are incubated by both parents for 28 to 29 days, and young fledge at around three months (2) (4). The diet consists of seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, insects and larvae, and these birds are known as pests in grain and coconut plantations, attacking young coconuts, chewing through the outer layers to get to the milk and soft pulp within (4).


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