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Limatula (Limatula) powelli n. sp.


Small- to moderate-sized Limatula with narrow distant beaded ribs; median rib and sulcus not conspicuous. Distinguished from other New Zealand Limatula by narrow regular shield-shaped outline and lack of auricular sinuses. Related to L. sibogai Prashad, from deep water near the Celebes, differing in its narrow shell and less conspicuous median structure, and to L. choshiensis Kuroda & Habe (Japan) which has more distant riblets, developing regular scaly serrations where crossed by incremental lines (Fig. 29).


Two subspecies, one on the deeper shelf of the New Zealand Region and of Southern Australia and another near the Kermadec Islands. Not known fossil.


Named after Dr. A.W.B. Powell, Auckland Institute and Museum, pioneer student of deep-water mollusca from the Subantarctic to the Kermadec Islands.”



(Fleming, 1977)

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Source: Antarctic Invertebrates Website (NMNH)


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Depth range based on 2 specimens in 1 taxon.
Water temperature and chemistry ranges based on 2 samples.

Environmental ranges
  Depth range (m): 103 - 109
  Temperature range (°C): 7.299 - 7.299
  Nitrate (umol/L): 14.954 - 14.954
  Salinity (PPS): 34.245 - 34.245
  Oxygen (ml/l): 6.603 - 6.603
  Phosphate (umol/l): 1.047 - 1.047
  Silicate (umol/l): 3.455 - 3.455

Graphical representation

Depth range (m): 103 - 109
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