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Morchella conica

Morchella conica
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Mycological characteristics
smooth hymenium
cap is conical
hymenium attachment is not applicable
stipe is bare
spore print is cream

ecology is mycorrhizal

or saprotrophic
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Morchella conica is a species of fungus in the Morchellaceae family. It is one of three scientific names that had been commonly used for the black morel, the others being M. angusticeps and M. elata. It was first described by mycologist Christian Hendrik Persoon in 1818.[1]

There has been confusion regarding the validity of the name M. conica, since it has been applied to many different types of morels by different authors. In 2014, Richard et al. found the name M. conica invalid at the rank of species, and DNA analysis showed that morels being called M. conica were actually multiple species: Morchella deliciosa, Morchella purpurascens, Morchella tridentina, and Morchella vulgaris.[2]


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