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The family name Psychomyiidae was established by Walker (1852) and has been variably defined throughout the history of caddisfly taxonomy. At one time it included most of the taxa of Annulipalpia other than Philopotamidae and Hydropsychidae. As other families in Annulipalpia were recognized, the name has been more restrictively used. As currently defined, Psychomyiidae is a moderately sized family of net making caddisflies, widespread, but largely centered in the Oriental region and absent in the Neotropical region. Only 1 endemic genus, Zelandoptila Tillyard, with 2 species, is known from New Zealand and Australia. An additional 8 genera are known, of which Tinodes Curtis with 200+ species in the Palaearctic, Oriental, Afrotropical and western Nearctic regions, and Psychomyia Latreille with almost 140 species predominantly from India, and eastern and southeastern Asia, but with several species also from the Holarctic region, are by far the largest. In a gesture of immeasurable kindness, Schmid (1997) established over 40 patronyms for contemporary caddisfly workers when describing new species of Indian Psychomyia. Paduniella Ulmer, with about 50 species, is predominantly Oriental, extending to Indonesia and the Philippines, but also to Africa, the Palaearctic, and (1 species) North America. Other, much smaller genera, include Eoneureclipsis Kimmins (India and Southeast Asia), Lype McLachlan (Holarctic, Oriental, and Afrotropical regions), Metalype Klapalek (Palearctic and Oriental regions), Padangpsyche Malicky (1 species from Sumatra), and Psychomyiella Ulmer (Oriental and eastern Palaearctic regions). (From Holzenthal et al. 2007a).


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