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Genus Adoxotoma Simon, 1909

Adoxotoma Simon, 1909: 196; Wanless , 1988: 162-166; Davies & Żabka, 1989: 220; Żabka, 1991b: 18; 2001: 323-332; 2004: 591-594.

Type species: Adoxotoma nigroolivacea Simon, 1909, subsequently designated by Bonnet (1955).

Current list of species: Adoxotoma bargo Żabka, 2001; Adoxotoma chinopogon Simon, 1909; Adoxotoma embolicasp. nov.;Adoxotoma forsteri Żabka, 2004 (to be confirmed); Adoxotoma hannae Żabka, 2001; Adoxotoma justyniae Żabka, 2001; Adoxotoma nigroolivacea Simon, 1909; Adoxotoma nitidasp. nov.;Adoxotoma nodosa (L. Koch, 1879) comb. nov.;Adoxotoma sexmaculatasp. nov.

Diagnosis. In comparison with other genera of Astieae , males with disctinctive abdominal scutum and anterolateral process on each maxilla. Chelicerae fissidentate or (rarely) pluridentate. Embolus rather massive, retrolaterally curved, dagger- or sabre-like. Tegulum with protuberance. Both sexes with five and two pairs of ventrolateral spines on tibiae and metatarsi, respectively.

Description. Spiders 3-6 mm long. Cephalothorax in males strongly textured (papillate), rather low, with gentle posterior slope, fovea behind PLE. Maxillae elongate, in males with anterolateral process. Male abdomen with dorsal shiny scutum and visible apodemes. Spinnerets not distinctive. First legs much stronger than others, spiny. In some species coxae and trochanters elongate. Legs formula in males: I–IV–II–III or I–IV–II =III and in females: IV–I–III–II . Clypeus narrow. Sternum cordate, venter not distinctive. Tegulum of male palpal organ bag-like, with protuberance. Palpal tibia short, retrolateral apophysis hooked, dagger-like or bifurcate. Epigyne from short and wide to elongate, usually with a pocket of varying location, size and orientation. In A. forsteri (New Zealand) epigyne with distinctive posterior lobe. Insemination ducts with or without loops, accompanied with accessory glands.

  • Gardzińska, Joanna, Żabka, Marek (2010): A new genus and five new species of Astieae (Araneae: Salticidae) from Australia, with remarks on distribution. Zootaxa 2526, 37-53: 38-38, URL:http://www.mapress.com/zootaxa/2010/f/zt02526p053.pdf
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