Grammostola is a genus of the tarantula family, Theraphosidae, being native to tropical South America.

These spiders are medium to large in size and usually brown in color, with pinkish or orangish-red hairs. The very docile Chilean Rose Tarantula (Grammostola rosea) is popular as a beginner's spider among tarantula enthusiasts.



Grammostola as a pet[edit]

The Chilean Rose (Grammostola rosea) is a common pet, its behavior being generally docile and its venom very mild. It needs to be kept dry and dislikes being wet (its natural habitat being one of the driest deserts on earth). If the substrate is too wet, it will stand "on tiptoes" in discomfort, or climb the sides of its enclosure, risking fall and injury. It feeds on other invertebrates. Its attributes and care are similar to those of its relative The Chaco Golden Knee. (Grammostola pulchripes).



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