Dockrillia wassellii

Dockrillia wassellii or the Furrowed Pencil Orchid (or Dendrobium wassellii), is found only in the Iron Range and McIlwraith Range on Cape York Peninsula, Australia, at 100–400 metres altitude. "Locally common, grows on upper branches of emergent trees, particularly Hoop Pine (Araucaria cunninghamii), in monsoonal rainforest, along stream banks and on humid slopes."[2]

The genus Dockrillia "was recently reinstated as distinct from Dendrobium based on an absence of pseudobulbs, single fleshy leaf terminal on a short stem, multiflowered inflorescence arising from near the base of a leaf and flowers with a 3-lobed labellum."[3][4]


It flowers from May to June. "Leaves erect, moderately short, thick, grooved, racemes erect, multiflowered, flowers crowded, crystalline white with yellow labellum."[5]

Dendrobium wassellii by Lewis Roberts (naturalist).


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