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 Body size: about 3.5–12.0 mm. Body shape elongate. Gular sutures wide, convergent at apex. Frontoclypeal suture absent. Frons: longitudinal groove or depression absent. Cranium ventrally: tufts of long setae at sides present. Submentum: ctenidium absent. Antennal groove present. Eyes: size flat. Eyes number: two. Epicranial acumination moderate. Lacinial hooks absent. Galea: shape elongate. Galea: ciliate setae present. Mediostipes-Lacinia fused together. Palpifer: outer edge denticulate. Mandibular apical teeth number: two, horizontally situated. Mola absent. Penicillus (at base) present (fine, often membranous). Pubescence above mola or cutting edge absent. Ventral furrow present. Basal notch moderate. Labrum-Cranium not fused. Epipharyngial sclerite present. Lateral tormal process: projection curved downwards, processes not connected (Airora). Ligula: ciliate setae present. Ligula rigid, weakly retroflexed, weakly emarginate. Hypopharyngeal sclerite consisting of two separate parts. Antenna 11-segmented. Antennal club asymmetrical, sensorial fields present. Front coxal cavities externally closed, internally open. Pronotum transverse. Prepectus absent. Middle coxal cavities open. Elytra: long hairs absent. Epipleuron moderate. Elytral interlocking mechanism present, carinae reduced. Elytral punctation regular, scales absent. Wing: radial cell open (outer vein present), wedge cell absent, cross vein MP3-4 absent, cross vein AA1+2-3+4 absent. Front tibiae: spines along side moderate. Hooked spur present. Claws: denticle absent. Spiculum gastrale absent. Tegmen composed of three parts. Coxitae undivided.  Larva: Frontal arms V-shaped. Epicranial stem reduced. Endocarina present. Gular sutures conspicuous, parallel. Gula: anterior apodemes absent. Paragular sclerites present. Hypostomal rods absent. Stemmata number: five. Mandibular apical teeth number: two, horizontally situated. Lacinia mandibulae with several small spines. Mola absent. Maxillary palpi 3-segmented. Palpifer absent. Pedunculate seta present. Mala simple. Mala: bidentate protrusion absent. Cardo-Stipes partially fused. Cardo: size much smaller than stipes. Ligula present. Labial palpi 2-segmented. Prementum in single part, anterior margin with notch. Torma: two separate lateral sclerites. Antennal joints 1 and 2 elongate. Sensory appendix medium sized (to half of joint 3). Thoracic sclerites pattern (dorsally) 1-2-2. Thoracic sclerites pattern (ventrally) 3+1+1. Trochanter oblong. Abdominal segment IX not divided. Tergite IX flat. Urogomphi present, hooked; median process absent.


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Source: ZooKeys

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