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Vines; rhizomes linear. Stems perennial, climbing, branching, terete to quadrangular, 5–6+ m × 6 mm, woody, glabrous; prickles green with dark tips, stout, to 12 mm. Leaves deciduous to evergreen, ± evenly disposed; petiole 0.5–1.5 cm; tendrils numerous; blade variable, bright green, drying to pale to brownish green, usually ovate to broadly ovate, with 3 (or 5) ± prominent veins, 4–17 × 4–16 cm, lustrous, not glaucous, glabrous abaxially, base cordate to rounded with acute insertion at petiole, margins entire, apex abruptly pointed. Umbels numerous, axillary to leaves, 5–12(–20)-flowered, open to dense, hemispherical to spherical; peduncle to 1.5 cm, longer or shorter than petiole of subtending leaf. Flowers: perianth pale yellowish green to bronze; tepals 3–4 mm; anthers shorter than to ± equaling filaments; ovule 1 per locule; pedicel 0.2–1.5 cm. Berries blue-black to black, globose, 5–8 mm, glaucous. 2n = 32.


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Source: Missouri Botanical Garden


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