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Agrostocrinum is a genus endemic to south Western Australia. Different authorities place it in different families. It is considered by some to belong to Phormiaceae, but that family is sometimes included in Hemerocallidaceae and that family is optionally included in Xanthorrhoeaceae by APG II. It is also sometimes included in Anthericaceae but that genus is optionally included by APG II in Agavaceae or Asparagaceae. Australian botanists are including it in Phormiaceae.

This genus is related to the genus Dianella. Although for a long time thought to have only one species, two species are now recognized. Species are short lived tufted plants that grow from short rhizomes and have tuberous roots as storage organs.

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Agrostocrinum is a genus of herbs in the family Xanthorrhoeaceae, first described as a genus in 1860. The entire genus is endemic to the State of Western Australia.[1]

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