Heteropoda davidbowie

Heteropoda davidbowie is a species of huntsmenspider of the Heteropoda genus. It was described from Cameron Highlands in peninsular Malaysia and named to honor singer David Bowie and not to increase awareness about conservation as thought. [1]


They are sexually dimorphic and body length ranges from medium to large (Male = 15.3-18.2 mm; Female = 21.3-25.3 mm). Males have an overall reddish brown dorsum with a distinct brightly colored hairs and forming patches and lines. Body with short, dense hair prominently interspersed with long bright orange hairs. Posterior half of body with a distinct red line surrounded by red hairs. Palps black. Legs lack any distinct pattern. Females similar as males but dorsum coloration may vary from greyish to reddish brown. Legs are annulated with dark spots on bright regions. A prominent triangular patch on venter between epigastric furrow and spinnerets.[2]


West Malaysia-Cameron Highlands, Singapore, Sumatra in Indonesia and possibly Southern Thailand.[2]

Natural History and Ecology[edit]

Adults are often seen on tree bark. Juveniles were found on leaf litter and leaves on shrubs.[2]

Threats and Conservation[edit]

While there are no threats known to this species, it traded as a pet [3]


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