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The dangerously venomous Hydrophis atriceps is a sea snake that is found from the Gulf of Thailand (formerly Gulf of Siam) eastward. It probably does not occur to the west. It is likely that all references to H. atriceps from the Bay of Bengal actually refer to H. fasciatus, with which H. atriceps has often been confused (these two species are so similar in appearance that they have often been regarded as subspecies of a single species). Leviton et al. (2003) concluded that H. atriceps should be removed from the Myanmar faunal list. (Leviton et al. 2003)

Ward (2000) studied sea snake bycatch by trawlers pursuing prawns off northern Australia. This bycatch included a small number of H. atriceps. Van Cao et al. (2014) studied the commercial harvesting of sea snakes, including H. atriceps, in the Gulf of Thailand ,

Leviton et al. (2003) provide a technical description of Hydrophis atriceps: Head small, body long and slender anteriorly; scales on thickest part of body subquadrangular or hexagonal in shape, juxtaposed or slightly imbricate; 5-6 maxillary teeth behind fangs; 2 anterior temporals; body scales in 25-30 (usually 27-29) rows around the neck, 39-49 (usually 43-45) around midbody (increase in number of rows from neck to midbody 12-21, usually 14-18); ventral scales 323-452 (average 366 or less); anterior part of body including head and neck dark olive to black with pale oval yellowish spots on sides, sometimes connected as crossbars; posterior, grayish; below, whitish; dark rhomboidal spots may extend down the sides of the body and form complete annuli in young. Total length: males 1100 mm, females 990 mm; tail length: males 100 mm, females 75 mm.


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