Balearic green toad

The Balearic green toad (Bufo balearicus, Bufotes balearicus, or Pseudepidalea balearica) is a toad belonging to the true toad family Bufonidae. It is a low-land species but can be found as high as 1,300 m (4,300 ft) asl in central Italy.[1]



In spite of the name, this species is native to Italy (where it is present on all territories except for the extreme north-east and south-west) and Corsica.[1] It was probably introduced to the Balearic Islands in prehistoric times,[2] where it is common but declining.[1]


Once considered the same as Bufo viridis, molecular genetic data now firmly support its status as a separate species.[3]

Specimen in San Vincenzo, Tuscany, calling


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