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 Colonies. Homothallic. Ascomata. Mostly densely aggregated, ± superficial, obpyriform, 360-420 × 240-325 μm, glabrous or sparsely covered with flexuous, colourless hairs; neck cylindrical, papillose, 120-240 × 100 μm; peridium membranaceous, almost opaque, brown below, blackish in the neck, with angular to rounded, slightly swollen, thick-walled, 6-18 μm diam. outer cells. Asci. Cylindrical, short-stiptate, 8-spored, with spores arranged obliquely in a single row, (155-) 170-215 × 14-17 μm, with a truncate, ca 9 μm wide apex; apical ring 3.5-4 μm in diam., ca 2 μm high; subapical chamber ca 7 μm wide. Ascospores. Aseptate, binucleate, at maturity dark brown, (17-) 18-24 × (9.5-) 10-13 μm, ± ellipsoidal to obovoid, often slightly inequilateral, rounded above, somewhat apiculate below with a basal germ pore; gelatinous sheath surrounding the spore except for a basal invagination, swelling in water, persistent, with a distinct outline, without visible inner microstructure, blackening in Indian ink. Paraphyses. Not observed. 


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