Depth range based on 1 specimen in 1 taxon.
Water temperature and chemistry ranges based on 1 sample.

Environmental ranges
  Depth range (m): 4830 - 4830
  Temperature range (°C): 1.690 - 1.690
  Nitrate (umol/L): 24.841 - 24.841
  Salinity (PPS): 34.828 - 34.828
  Oxygen (ml/l): 5.588 - 5.588
  Phosphate (umol/l): 1.640 - 1.640
  Silicate (umol/l): 65.549 - 65.549
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Depth range

lower abyssal (4000-7000m). One record from 1720m (Barnard & Ingram)
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Source: World Register of Marine Species


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External images
Alicella gigantea

Alicella gigantea is the largest species of amphipod ever observed, with some individuals reaching up to 340 millimetres (13 in) long.[2][3] Formerly included in the family Lysianassidae, a new family, Alicellidae, was erected in 2008 for Alicella and five related genera.[4] The species only lives at great depths; the first specimens were collected at the end of the 19th century from the Madeira Abyssal Plain, and subsequent specimens have been found in other abyssal plains of both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans,[5] as well as from the Kermadec Trench in the southwest Pacific.[3] One specimen was found in the stomach of a black-footed albatross, but is thought to have been dead before it was eaten.[5]


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