One Species at a Time Podcast: Chinook Salmon

February 05, 2014 06:01

Freshwater fishes are an integral component of our environment, yet large gaps persist in our scientific knowledge of their diversity, distribution, and ecology. Several conservation groups recently joined forces to announce the first "Global Freshwater Fish BioBlitz", which will allow non-specialists to upload photographs of freshwater fishes observed in their natural habitat, along with details of where and when they saw the fish. In addition to providing useful data about the world's freshwater fishes, this initiative is intended to raise awareness of the threats faced by our planet's freshwater fishes and the importance to all of us of preserving unpolluted, well-functioning freshwater ecosystems. Although most fish species spend their lives in either freshwater or marine habitats, some, such as many salmon, move between the sea and freshwater during their lives, connecting these habitats in ecologically important ways. Listen to Encyclopedia of Life’s One Species at a Time podcast about one group's efforts to educate schoolchildren all across British Columbia, in western Canada, about how the actions and choices all of us make in our daily lives impact Chinook Salmon and the habitats in which they live.

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