Announcing the 2013 EOL Rubenstein Fellows Program

October 04, 2012 14:30

Over the past four years the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) has grown to become one of the world's largest aggregators of biodiversity information. Now featuring information on over one million taxa, EOL brings together trusted content from 219 scholarly content partners, including 57 current and former Rubenstein Fellows.

This year, EOL is inviting proposals supporting the use of EOL in biological research - it is time to see what the wealth of information in EOL can do.

In preparation for this call, EOL solicited research topics with the potential to illuminate large-scale questions in biology and advance biological research. Eleven specific requests were selected by the EOL curator community as the most promising, tractable and potentially impactful.

We are calling for proposals to extract data from the EOL collection and advance the corresponding inquiry in one or several of these "Research Wishes". These big data questions have frustrated scientists in the past because the information needed to address them was simply not accessible.

We believe it is now possible to address these questions with the help of EOL, and we are prepared to fund your efforts to do so.

Please visit the 2013 EOL Rubenstein Fellows competition page at to review the 11 Research Wishes and the official competition details. The competition deadline is November 15th.

Questions can be directed to the Rubenstein Fellows Coordinator at

How can I extract the data? Any technique is acceptable.

Crowdsourcing? Semantic reasoning? Automated image analysis? Brute force? Yes.

I've thought of a method you haven't. Even better.