Rubenstein Fellows Curriculum

What Does EOL Expect of Fellows?

Becoming an Active Member of the EOL Fellows Community

  • EOL expects you to maintain prompt and courteous communication with the EOL Fellows Coordinator and other staff. Contact information must be kept up to date and responses to surveys, quarterly report and other informational requests should be prompt and complete.
  • EOL expects you to indentify challanges and opportunities for EOL, thereby helping to make EOL a more useful and responsive resource for scientists and other communities. 
  • EOL expects you to join the Rubenstein Fellows EOL Community
  • EOL expects you to register as a curator.
  • EOL expects you to affiliate with or register as an EOL Content Partner
  • EOL encourages you to join the Fellows Facebook page and the EOL Content Partners Google Group, and to follow us on twitter.
  • EOL encourages you to join any EOL Communities that intersect with your interests, and/or create new Communities, to build interest, audience, and participation in your project.


EOL expects you to engage in outreach activities. EOL Fellows are especially important as outreach to the scientific communities specific to your respective fields, but depending on your content, contacts and opportunities, you may be able to engage a variety of communities.

Recruiting curators: This is one of the most valuable outreach contributions you can make. A hook that has worked for recruiters in the past:

  • "Excuse me, Dr. Smith, is this photo correctly identified? Ah, I thought not. Would you mind filling out this webform? It'll just take a minute- I'll Skype the EOL office so they can activate your curator powers and then you can correct it on the website." 

Recruiting contributors to your project: This is helpful to EOL, but more importantly, it will help you to complete the significant volume of content you just promised to deliver. Hooks that have worked:

  • "Congratulations; that's a fine publication. Would you like to post a (photo/description/SEM/paragraph) from that on my (LifeDesk/Scratchpad/other platform)? That could really increase your exposure." OR
  • "Hey, did you know that new species you described hasn't appeared yet in any of the major publicly available classifications? Yeah, sometimes it takes months. Would you like to write a page for it on my  (LifeDesk/Scratchpad/other platform)? It'll also appear on EOL..." OR
  • "Isn't this a great day for birding? Nice photo! Would you like to publish it on my Scratchpad?" OR
  • (on Facebook) "Nice photo! Would you like to publish it on my Scratchpad?" OR
  • "Good morning, class. This semester, we will be writing our term papers online..."

Completing proposed content

This is the most important expectation of Fellows. This section is intended to convey general expectations regarding content; content sharing logistics are covered later under Contributing Content to EOL. 

  • EOL expects fellows to complete proposed content. Fellows agree to complete proposed content when they sign their agreement to receive EOL Fellows funding.
  • EOL understands that there are different ways of accomplishing and exceeding the goals of a successful EOL Fellows proposal. These include, but are not limited to direct contribution (via a LifeDesk, Scratchpad, other content partner, etc.), curation of existing materials, and recruiting additional content partners.
  • EOL expects fellows to establish content sharing with EOL early, regardless of the method of content distribution (existing content partnership, LifeDesk, Scratchpad, etc.).
  • Fellows are expected to look for ways to increase the impact of their proposal through leveraging activities and outreach.

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