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EOL Educational Tools

This section concerns tools for consumers of information on EOL, in particular, for formal and informal education. You may not use any of these directly, but if you have an opportunity to convince an educator to use one to incorporate your organisms into their curriculum, you could succeed in involving young minds in your project, and raising the profile of your work and your taxa of interest. EOL has a range of tools and resources aimed at a broad audience, listed here. Be sure not to miss:

The Field Guide Tool enables you to create a customized field guide based on information and images from the Encyclopedia of Life.  

Education LifeDeks provide collaborative workspaces for biology courses to create species and other taxonomic information that can be uploaded to EOL.

Check out these articles on EOL about the Rock pocketbook, Giant blue-tongued skink and Oarfish by our EduLifeDesk student contributors.

Storytelling in audio and video

The Learning + Education working group also produce educational media in story forms:

Dive into the world of biodiversity through lively, audio stories linking to species on EOL. 

Explore biodiversity on the move with our Google Earth Tours. These tours are available as videos and as downloadable Google Earth KMZ files.

Let's visit some recent examples. Listen to our latest podcast on measuring climate change in butterflies in Uganda, and take a look at the accompanying material. 

And check out a Google Earth narrated tour telling the story of an invasive marine plant.

If you have questions, comments about EOL's educational tools or resources, please email the Learning + Education team at education (at)

Direct re-use of EOL content

Anyone wanting to incorporate content from EOL into any other website, platform or product is welcome to do so; the sole condition to watch out for is the CC-NC restriction if that product is a commercial one. When re-using any but Public Domain or CC-0 content, appropriate attribution and license selection are important and should be clearly displayed in the new product. Here is a guide to re-use of EOL content and detailed instructions for marking CC licensed content.

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