Possible Improvements to the Set as Exemplar Tool

Curators have noted that the current Set as exemplar tool in EOL media collections makes it too easy to set exemplars by accident when trying to rate an image or when trying to click through to the data object page for an image.  There are currently two proposal on the table to remedy this situation:

Option 1: Decrease the size of the Set as Exemplar target

We could leave everything as it is right now but decrease the size of the target that triggers the Set as exemplar action.  Only clicking right in the radio button would then result in an exemplar being set.  This is the solution suggested by Michael Frankis in the Curator Community discussion.  Since the radio button is fairly small, setting an exemplar would be a bit more finicky and require fairly good fine motor skills.  But the risk of setting an exemplar by accident would be greatly diminished.

Make target smaller

Option 2: Move the Set as Exemplar tool off the thumbnail

This scenario would require more work.  We would add a set as exemplar button below each thumbnail, so clicking anywhere on the thumbnail itself would not trigger the set as exemplar action.  Since we wouldn't want to clutter the media collection with too many buttons, the button would only become visible when you mouse over the thumbnail or when your cursor is in the pop-up layer once it has opened.  If we do this, we can also move the add to a collection button into this pop-up layer, so media collections would become more compact, with only the rating stars and trust levels showing by default. However, you'd have to get used to working in the off-thumbnail pop-up layers, and if you wanted to rate a thumbnail, you'd have to approach from below or the side to keep the pop-up layer from obscuring the rating tools.  So this may be slightly finicky, too.

Add new button below thumbnail

Please tell us which option you like better in the Curator Community discussion.