Your EOL Profile

Creating an EOL Account and Your EOL Profile

You do not need to register with EOL to use it, but if you want to leave comments, create EOL Collections, participate in EOL Communities, contribute content, or become an EOL Curator, you need to register with EOL. Becoming an EOL member is easy, fast and free – join EOL now!

Create an EOL Account Tutorial

When you complete your registration, EOL creates a special profile for you that serves as your “home” on EOL. Once you are logged in, you can return to your profile any time by clicking on the “profile” link next to your picture at the top of every EOL page.

Your EOL Profile is visible to all users of EOL, both registered and unregistered. People who search on your user name or real name (if you provide it) can find and review your public EOL Profile. Please note that your email address and password are never visible on EOL to anyone but yourself.

To edit your EOL Profile, click on the “edit my profile” button at the top of the page.

Your EOL Profile includes the following tabs:

My Watch List Newsfeed – Every time you leave a comment on an item in EOL or join an EOL Community, we add a link to that item in your Watch List. The Watch List Newsfeed is an easy way for you to keep track of activities associated with these items. If your interests change, or you simply want to stop receiving updates on those items, remove them from your Watch List. You can do this in your Collections tab (see below).

My Info – This tab gathers together information about you and your activities on EOL. Regular members choose how much information to share. EOL Curators share their full name and background to establish their credentials.

My activity – This tab gathers together a running list of your actions on EOL. It’s an easy way for EOL users to learn what you’re interested in, and for you to keep track of what you’ve been doing on EOL.

Collections – Throughout EOL you will see opportunities to add items to a collection. This tab summarizes all of the collections you’ve created, and is your gateway to editing, annotating and sharing your collections. Learn more about EOL Collections.

Communities – This tab summarizes all of the communities you belong to and is your gateway to participating in them. Learn more about EOL Communities

Content Partners – If you decide to become an EOL Content Partner, or if you already are one, you will find the information related to your Content Partner activities in this tab.