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Red-Shouldered Soapberry Bug (Jadera haematoloma)

Evolutionary biologists are studying this snazzy red-and-black insect with the big name are speedy and hard to catch—and speedy in other ways, too.
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Springtails, Collembola

Until 2000, biologists classified these curious animals as insects. Then new DNA evidence forced scientists to revise their thinking and redraw a branch on the tree of life.
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Branch-tip Spiders, Dictyna (Grasslands)

Knapweed, cinquefoil, and other weeds aren’t only changing the look of this ecosystem but its very structure. Some species are benefitting from the changed habitat in unexpected ways.
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Insects of Costa Rica, Insecta

In this podcast we travel to Costa Rica to experience firsthand the astonishing variety of insect life in this tiny Central American nation—20,000 different kinds of butterflies and moths alone!
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Parasitic Wasps (Microplitis demolitor)

Learn about the evolutionary arms race that takes place between parasites and their unwilling hosts.
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Like moths to a flame, some people are irresistibly drawn to the woods at night. Carrying bed sheets and armed with special lights and lures, they come seeking moths. Listen to the podcast, or watch the audio slideshow.

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Ugandan Butterflies, Pieridae (Climate change)

Change can be measured in many ways—in the inches of rainfall, acres of forest cleared—or the span of a tiny butterfly’s wings.
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Monarch Butterflies

A two part story about the migration of the eastern population of monarch butterflies in North America, and the people that help them out along the way. Listen to the podcasts or watch the Google Earth Tour video. También puede ver este vídeo con subtítulos en español aquí.

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