Podcasts - Evolution

Evolution is the change in the inherited traits of biological populations over successive generations. Learn more about evolution in this collection of podcasts.

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Anoles (Anolis)

EOL fellow Rosario Castañeda takes us to the back rooms of Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology, searching through dozens of jars of pickled anole lizards to see the traces of evolution in action.
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Red-Shouldered Soapberry Bug (Jadera haematoloma)

Evolutionary biologists are studying this snazzy red-and-black insect called the red-shouldered soapberry bug. These tiny insects with the big name are speedy and hard to catch - and speedy in other ways, too.
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Ediacaran Fauna Fossils (Dickinsonia rex)

Paleontologists are studying Ediacaran Fauna, a diverse group of organisms that lived in the world's oceans about 580 million years ago to help solve the evolutionary puzzle of how and why the first complex life forms arose.
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Parasitic Wasps (Microplitis demolitor)

Learn about the evolutionary arms race that takes place between parasites and their unwilling hosts.
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