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Ecology is the study of the interrelationships among plants, animals and other organisms and their interaction with all aspects of their natural environment. The following resources highlight topics and research in ecology.

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Sea Butterflies (Pteropods)

Sea butterflies, or pteropods are an integral part of the food web, and they’re in danger…because the chemistry of the world’s oceans is changing.
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Learn how this mysterious form of life, neither animal nor vegetable, shapes our world.
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Red Mangrove, Rhizophora mangle (Mangrove Forests)

Learn what’s threatening these unique ecosystems where the ocean meets the land.
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Prairie Dogs, Cynomys ludovicianus (Grasslands)

Over the past century the grasslands of northern Mexico have been taken over by shrubby mesquite and turned to desert. Ecologist Gerardo Ceballos is on a mission to turn them back.
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Western Silvery Aster, Symphyotrichum sericeum (Tallgrass Prairie)

The prairie may seem a world away from our modern lives, but this endangered ecosystem’s flora and fauna are intimately connected with our own well-being.
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Branch-tip Spiders, Dictyna (Grasslands)

Knapweed, cinquefoil, and other weeds aren’t only changing the look of this ecosystem but its very structure. Some species are benefitting from the changed habitat in unexpected ways.
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