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Citizen science, often called Public Participation in Scientific Research (PPSR), refers to activities in which volunteers, such as students, the general public and enthusiasts partner with scientists to collect information and answer real-world questions. Learn more about citizen science in this collection of podcasts.

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EOL Insects page


Like moths to a flame, some people are irresistibly drawn to the woods at night. Carrying bed sheets and armed with special lights and lures, they come seeking moths. Listen to the podcast, or watch the audio slideshow.

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Monarchs EOL page

Monarch Butterflies

A two part story about the migration of the eastern population of monarch butterflies in North America, and the people that help them out along the way. Listen to the podcasts or watch the Google Earth Tour video. También puede ver este vídeo con subtítulos en español aquí.

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Chinook Salmon EOL page

Chinook Salmon

Can painted wooden fish on a schoolyard fence change human behavior and help clean up the ocean for the real salmon?
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