Podcasts - Biological Classification

Biological classification and evolutionary relationships are a matter of ongoing discovery, and there are different opinions about how living things should be grouped and named. EOL reflects these differences by allowing users to search for organisms using different scientific classifications. The podcasts below focus on the subject of classification.

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Sea Slugs, Elysia chlorotica

Meet Elysia chlorotica, a bright green, solar-powered, algae-slurping sea slug that’s still turning our understanding of the classification of life upside down.
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Springtails, Collembola

Until 2000, biologists classified these curious animals as insects. Then new DNA evidence forced scientists to revise their thinking and redraw a branch on the tree of life.
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Quinine Tree 

In a large greenhouse at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, Missouri, there grows a slender sapling of the Quinine Tree (Cinchona pubescens), a tree that has played a remarkable role in human history.
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Corpse Flowers, Amorphophallus

In this podcast we visit a sacred island off the coast of Madagascar, where an intrepid botanist braves fever and worse to bring a specimen of an unlikely botanical superstar back alive.
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