Language Support

Languages on EOLEOL contains content written in many languages, and you can choose the language of EOL itself. Using the drop-down menu at the very top of each EOL page, you may set your preferences to choose a language currently supported by the EOL website.

Once you have selected the language you wish EOL to use, as you browse you will see only information in your preferred language. EOL will tell you when information is available in languages other than the one you have chosen. Choosing one of those languages will show you the content in that other language, and will change the EOL interface to use that language. If we do not have an interface in that language you will see the information in an English interface. It sounds a bit complicated, but in practice it works nicely.

To help us translate the EOL interface into other languages, please join the community and contribute to the EOL project featured there.

You can provide content to EOL in many languages. Click on the "add an article to this page" link on the details tab of any EOL taxon page and select your language from the pull down menu. If the language you wish to provide content in is not represented, please contact us.